How to organize an efficient wintertime relocation

Trucks that organize an efficient wintertime relocation

Organizing a move can be a very stressful task. Especially if you have no prior experience of moving. However, there are situations where this task becomes even more difficult. One of those situations is wintertime relocation. Organizing wintertime relocation requires much more organizing skills, advanced thinking, and preparations. Of course, everything will be easier if you find appropriate movers to help you. Movers Greensboro NC has lots of experience in different complicated situations, so make sure to get their help before you start with anything. But nevertheless, you will still have many things to do if you want to organize an efficient wintertime relocation.

Plan your wintertime relocation

Wintertime relocation requires lots of planning. However, if you are relocating to North Carolina you can expect to have an easier task. North Carolina is known for its short and mild winters. Therefore, there is a big chance that you will catch nice weather even in the middle of winter. But still, you shouldn’t count on it, and you should be fully prepared. Plan on what packing supplies to prepare, how and what to pack, what clothes to wear, cleaning the snow. Also during wintertime, delays are common. Be prepared for it and plan what to do in that case.

Using computer
It is important to have a proper plan

Get rid of the junk to organize an efficient wintertime relocation

The first thing you should do when moving is to determine what items you are going to move with you. If you can find some items that you are not using. Or you have some old pieces of furniture that you want to replace regardless of moving, think about getting rid of them. That will lower your moving costs. You will have fewer items to pack and move. In addition, depending on what you do with them, you could even earn some money. So, before you call you movers Pittsboro NC, think about removing your excess items.

Prepare a moving inventory list to organize an efficient wintertime relocation

After you remove your excess items you can devote your time to prepare a complete moving inventory list. Also, you should do it after removing excess items. Go through every room and write down every article in your home that you plan to move with you. Write down their names, brands, colors, serial numbers and other details. If you think that this will take too much time there are some great phone apps that you can download to help you. They will allow you to add all the details as well as a box location and a photo.

Using smartphone to organize an efficient wintertime relocation
There are many great phone apps that you can use to prepare a moving inventory list

It is important not to skip this step, as it is very important. It will help you keep track of your items, get an accurate moving estimate, calculate the amount of packing supplies as well as to check everything after the delivery.

Find reliable movers to ease your wintertime relocation

When you want to organize an efficient wintertime relocation you have to find appropriate movers. Of course, you will first think about movers Carrboro NC, nevertheless, you should still look at other offers. Just to make sure that you have the best deal. Naturally, wintertime relocations are much cheaper, as the peak moving season is in the summertime. You will have much more available companies and dates to choose from, and the whole process will be cheaper. Therefore, if you have to move in wintertime against your will, those are some facts that could cheer you up.

How to do it

When searching for a moving company, the most important thing is to find reliable ones. Luckily you can use the internet, FMCSA, and BBB to check every moving company that you are interested in. You can read honest reviews, see customer complaints, how they handled it, check their financial balances, and much more. This is the best and most reliable way to make sure that you are dealing with a trustworthy company.

After you locate several reliable companies that can handle your type of relocation ask for their estimates using your moving inventory list. Compare them and pick the best one.

Prepare a bag with spare winter clothes

No matter whether you are hiring packing and unpacking services for your move, you should pack one bag of spare winter clothes that you should travel with you and not in the moving truck. There are many situations where you can get wet during a wintertime relocation, so you should keep one or two sets of clothes aside.

Clean the snow

If you are in luck and it is snowing during your move, the first thing you should deal with is cleaning the snow. Check the parking spot for the moving truck. Make sure that the truck can safely arrive and park. Also, make sure that your walkways and driveway are clear of snow and ice. If there the walking surface is frozen, the easiest way to solve this is to throw some kitchen salt on it. The ice will melt quickly and your walkways will be much safer.

Cleaning snow
Make sure that your walkways are clear of snow and ice

Protect the floors

However, melting snow and salt will affect very badly on your floors. Especially on wooden floors, when you and your movers start marching in and out. Therefore, you should think of a way to protect them. Some moving companies will deal with this and put something to protect your floors. If they don’t, remind them about it. Alternatively, you can put cardboard or plastic sheeting to protect your floors.

To organize an efficient wintertime relocation, prepare snacks and hot drinks

When you want to organize an efficient wintertime relocation, one of the things you should prepare is hot drinks and some snacks. Moving is difficult. And on a moving day your energy will drop down quickly.  Therefore, prepare some snacks and hot drinks and that should help you get through the day.