How to organize a small apartment after moving

Organize a small apartment after moving - declutter!

You’ve sorted out your life plan, you found a perfect place for you but it is a bit smaller than what you previously had. You might be asking yourself how to organize a small apartment after moving? First of all, you need one of the best moving companies Greensboro NC to transport all of your stuff safely. Second, you need to think carefully about organizing. There are multiple things you need to have in mind. We will try to guide you through the most important ones. Let’s start, shall we?

Organize a small apartment after moving – Make all your paperwork digital

We live in a wonderful age of technology. All of our papers can be translated into a digital format and saved in cloud storage. If you are feeling especially suspicious, you can have multiple copies in multiple places. Digitizing is something that we all need to accept. Sure, the paper has its worth and value but it takes space, forces us to cut more trees and so on. For example, moving companies Garner NC have started to use more and more digital contracts than ever, aside from being as eco-friendly as possible.

women working on ipad
Make all of your documents digital! They use less space and they are more secure!

You have many options and places to store your digital documents. Google Drive, MediaFire, Dropbox are just a few of the choices you have. Like we mentioned previously, if you want maximum security, simply upload all of your documents into all of them!

Make Appliances Invisible

Obviously, try not to be literal here, you cannot really make your appliances invisible. What you can do is disguise them so they look like something else. For example, you can make your TV into wall art or even a mirror. There are solutions on the market to provide you with such functionality.

The trick here is to use the space as much as you can by combining aspects of two things. If you take some time to think about it, you are sure to come up with great ideas of how to accomplish it.

Throw away items you do not need

The biggest obstacle when you want to organize a small apartment after moving is that you simply have too much stuff. Multiple TV’s, clothing that has not seen the light of day in decades, and so on. What you can do is simply reevaluate all of those items, whether you really need them or not. Moving into another apartment is a perfect opportunity to do so. Just make sure to dish out and reuse moving supplies. You should not be buying those multiple times, really.

Perhaps the best idea would be to sell unneeded items. Or have someone sell them for you if you are not really into more money. You can use all the extra money you will get to purchase two-in-one solutions that will save you even more space.

Too much stuff creates organizational chaos. Make sure you throw away everything you do not need, love, or use.

Make sure your in-home storage is efficient

This is absolutely critical. Your storage space is vital if you want to organize a small apartment after moving properly. Think of movable walls, drop-down beds and so on. This will make an insane amount of space if implemented correctly. Even if you only plan on using the regular storage spaces, you need to think about their placement and usage.

You can always do with a bit of remodeling. We all have our special items that we need to store and we all have special needs. The trick is to recognize what you need and then build it! Here is a recommendation: build some platforms! It does not matter if you are raising a washer, dryer or your bed, platforms are a great way to get some space in your apartment.

Another thing you might want to pay some attention to is the lighting. If you want to really improve your small apartment, make sure that you brighten the place up. There are many good articles for painting and transforming your apartment and they will make the process easier. It will actually make it look like it has move volume if your walls are light-colored and you have a good natural light source.

Organize a small apartment after moving – Make good use of smart technology

Smart homes are slowly becoming a huge deal in this day and age. And with good reason! A lot of the manual labor can be replaced with robotics, climate-control systems will make sure you are always in the right temperature, security monitors will make your house more secure and so on. Not to mention it will make your life a lot more enjoyable if you can just issue a voice command and something gets done!

Smart lighting is especially cool. You might have seen it in movies but it is slowly becoming a reality. You just say “lights” and the room lights up! That is amazing, no matter who you are!

The options you can install are simply too numerous to list but a robotic wall that stores your bed, functions as a storage space and even moves to create a brand new room sure sounds amazing!

smart watch
Experience the power of smart technology! Use your watch to cook dinner, why not!

Tips for making the most out of your small apartment

There are many things that you can do to organize a small apartment after moving and even more tips that are out there. We are going to give you some of them, to get you started. The possibilities are endless, as is our imagination. You need to figure out what is that makes you happy and what works the best for you. Still, some of these are quite universal and almost everyone will see some use out of them. So, without further ado, here are the tips:

  • Customize your closets
  • Create zones in the apartment (and organize them individually)
  • Add window seats
  • Buy “multipurpose” furniture

And there you have it, just a few tips to tickle your imagination. Here’s some additional advice: Sort out all of your things into three piles “love it” “need it” “use it”. All of your items need to be in one of these three piles. If they are not, throw them away! You really do not need them. Make a scheduled decluttering date. Decluttering is really hard to get going with and having a plan will make it easier to commit to it.