How to mentally prepare for a move

A woman thinking how to mentally prepare for a move

Relocation is inevitably followed by stress and uncertainty. It is, after all, one of the biggest changes a person can experience. However, is there a way to mentally prepare for a move, and take control of the worry and nervousness? No. Just kidding. Yes! Fist step would be not to take it all so seriously. And what about the other precautions? Let’s explore them together!

Know what you are getting yourself into

That is not to say that what follows is bad. It’s rather the means of removing as many uncertainties as possible. Namely, your relocation does not mean solely the change of your current location. Besides replacing your address, you will also change your daily routines, your surroundings, and your community. Keep in mind that however small those altercations might be, once they add up, you will feel them. And it’s not only your emotions that you will have to deal with. The chores of relocation will also take a toll, and make it harder to mentally prepare for a move. Still, we believe that knowing what to expect will help with taking the adequate approach and plan accordingly.

A clock on a table
Hiring a moving company will ensure that you have enough time to mentally prepare for a move.

Keep in mind that hiring movers Garner NC can substantially lower the stress of your move. While they take care of every technical part of the relocation, you will have that time to address more urgent matters. Still, if you believe that you can successfully handle a DIY move, what you need to do to mentally prepare for it is:

Plan well ahead

In order to take control of the majority if not the whole process of your move, you need to be aware of every little detail it comes with. You can be certain that nothing is overlooked or left behind by making a list of chores with a corresponding timeline. Such a delicate task that is of vital importance requires time and your undivided attention. However, after you finish it, you will be able to keep your peace of mind knowing that everything is under control.

Still, even if you decide to use the help of relocation services North Carolina, you will need to work with their plan. Of course, it will be made so that it suits your needs and requests, but there will be a schedule you ought to follow.

A person making a plan
Every big project is best handled with a proper plan. Make sure to start creating it on time.

About that list

Having that every move is unique, there is no one right moving list. Which is great, once you come to think of it since you can make it to your liking and preferences. It can be as detailed as you like. Still, there are some universal tasks that ought to find their place on your moving list, and they go as follows:

  • set a moving date. This will give you a reference point from which you can build up.
  • find a moving company. The sooner the better, since it will directly impact the outcome of your move. In addition, scheduling your move months in advance can result in a lower moving quote.
  • prepare a packing schedule. We suggest that you start with the rooms and items you most seldom visit/use. That way, if you start early, you will be able to go about your days until the move without any hinderances.
  • take care of things at work, school, etc. If you are moving for a job, make sure that the things at your current and future position are sorted out. Moving with kids means that you need to enroll them into a new school, and notify the current one of your actions.

Mentally prepare for a move by taking care of yourself

We cannot stress enough how important this advice is. Even with an elaborate, fool-proof plan, amazing moving company and all the luck in the world, if you keep stressing yourself out, and not being mindful of your body, you will take this relocation too hard. And that is not the goal here. So, one of the most important steps that will keep you sane and help you to mentally prepare for a move is to get enough sleep. This means a full 8-hours of good night sleep. Even if it means skipping a chore or two. With enough sleep, you will be super productive and efficient, and catch up with all you intended on doing. However, if you lack those z’s, you are doomed. Lower concentration paired with the stress that comes with tiredness can be detrimental to the outcome of your relocation.

A woman sleeping
Enough sleep has many benefits to it, one of them being a calm and collective mind.

This includes your body

The second thing you can do to mentally prepare for a move is to be a bit more attentive of what you eat and drink. For the latter, it should mainly be water. Tea and coffee are also fine, just try to avoid any excess sugar, cream, and other calories. The thing is, your body only needs water. Everything else concerns your taste receptors. Now, it’s not that you should rid yourself of all the tasty beverages. Simply try to drink water first and foremost, while everything else comes in moderation. As for the food, eating healthy during a move can be challenging even for the most experienced individuals. The key thing to do is to meal prep. Take the weekend before the moving day and prepare nice portions of nutritive foods that will keep you satiated, whilst providing you with enough energy. Snacks should come down to fruits and nuts (just make sure not to go overboard with them, since they are packed with calories). In addition, feel free to take morning walks in nature, to calm your mind. All of these things will help you keep your cool, and allow you to go through this hectic period with much ease.