How to make your new place feel like home

Moving away represents a difficult thing for most individuals. You move from all your friends, family… Even though it is hard to move away, there are always things you can do to ease that feeling. Stay and find out how to make your new place feel like home!


The first thing you have to do in the process of changing your new place to feel like home is to unpack. Many people keep some of their stuff packed. Even though you don’t need them at the time, they will cause you to feel like a stranger. Also, you will need them at some point, right? It is a boring thing to do, especially when we compare it to the packing. Avoid unpacking procrastination by being motivated to make your new place feel like home. So, the first thing you do when coming into a new place is to unpack all of your stuff. It may take some time but better to finish hard work sooner than later.

No matter how cleaned it was, clean it again
Clean your new place when you move in

There is one more thing that doesn’t grant you the freedom to be lazy. Many moving companies have the service of storage. Find storage Stanford NC moving company that will grant you this kind of service. This means that you don’t have to touch your stuff until the move in done. That puts some weight off your shoulders. If everything is already done for you, at least what you can do is to properly unpack.

How to unpack?

If you moved in into a new house, that means that you possibly have lots of room. But where to start?

  • Rooms you don’t need at the momentThe best thing is to start by unpacking in the rooms that aren’t the center of the house of an apartment. If done like this, you won’t be in a situation where you have to jump over stuff to go to other rooms. Better to start from rooms you don’t need at the moment.
  • Bedrooms and living room– Next rooms you should fill with stuff are these. If you have an apartment, there is a chance that those are the only rooms. Anyway, unpack in these rooms and make them like you want them to be to make your new place feel like home. Also, these rooms are often placed on the periphery of the place so the benefit is the same.
  • Kitchen– This room can be small. But even though that can be the case, it often has the most stuff in there, both necessary and unnecessary things. No matter how many stuff you have, finish this room the least because that room usually needs cleaning the most, too!

It is also very important how to pack. You need to know that some things are more important, and some aren’t. You have to know what to pack up last so you could unpack more easily when you come to your new home.

Stack up the closet

Once you unpack, move all things on their place. But there is one thing that destroys the feeling of home. Empty closet! Fill it with your clothes as soon as you get there. By doing that you will make the bedroom already feel like the old one.

Clean it!

No matter who owned the place before you, it is necessary to clean it in order to do everything else. Also, cleaning your new place will definitely make you more connected to it. This way you can use cleaning products that you want and make it smell better. Changing the smell of the place makes you feel comforted and safe. Studies say that the sense of smell stays the longest in human’s mind. No matter how distanced you are from the previous home, you can at least make it smell like it!

Make your new place feel like home by doing this
Put some art on the walls

Put art on the wall

When you come to the new place, there is a chance that you will become depressed. An empty place, lots of corners that catch your eye and of course, bare paint on the walls. You can overcome this depressing feeling and make your new place feel like home by adding some art on the walls. Art opens your new place and brings joy to your life. Many people have one problem. How to move art and paintings? You don’t have anything to worry about. You just have to go through many moving services North Carolina available and find the one that suits you best. Lots of companies nowadays provide that service and guarantee you that your art won’t be damaged during the move. Use this option if you already have art that you want to move and change your new place to feel like home!

Put plants to make your new place feel like home

People often underestimate the power of nature. All of us like to see a beautiful mountain or to walk through the green forest so why shouldn’t you do that at your new place. More plants mean more nature at your home so more positive feelings. People that keep plants in their homes can definitely be witnesses to this statement. People that want to move their plants to a new place need to know how to pack plants for transport. That can be crucial for keeping them alive during the move. People that didn’t have plants at the old home should definitely try that and we guarantee that it will make your new place feel like home.

This will surely make you feel more like home
Put some plants to create a domestic atmosphere

Change windows

When you walk past houses there is a chance that you look would be fixated on windows. Windows are key elements to the design of the house so add your style. Houses on sale often come with dull looking windows and curtains. Change them, put some of your style on your house and make it feel more like home.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways on how to make your new place feel like home. If you are the one that can’t decide whether to move due to this problem, don’t worry. It won’t be the same but you can at least make it feel like home. After all, if you are moving to another place in the same city, everything will be the same regarding friends and family, just in a different place.