How to make moving fun for your kids?

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Everyone knows that moving is very stressful. It is especially stressful for your kids. You should make moving fun for your kids. There are different things you can try. Moving to North Carolina can be fun since you can teach them about a lot of new stuff they will be able to see and do.

Moving with kids in a different ages

Of course, there is a quite a difference with different ages of your kids. It is not the same for toddlers, schoolers or teenagers. First of all, not every kid can understand why they should and need to move?


When it comes to the most sensitive ones-toddlers, it is maybe the easiest because they are so young. Sure, you should try to explain to them why you are moving. You can do so using stories and drawings, so they can realize it easier. But when they are so young, you can ask some of your family members to babysit. This way they don’t have to see you packing all their toys and the other stuff.


It is a little different with kids who already go to school. They have their friends and their own habits, so it is a bit harder for them. You need to involve them in the process as much as you can. If they are participating, they will feel like they have some saying. Also, try to familiarize them with their new school, and with the new neighborhood in Raleigh.


As for teens, well, this is a difficult age for moving. They are accustomed to the school, friends neighborhood. Because they are older and in that kind of age, usually they take moving badly. If you aren’t moving cross country or in another town, think of letting them continue to go to their old school. This way they won’t have to change everything at once.

Plan in advance so you can make moving fun for your kids

Moving is a complicated process and you should plan it in advance. There is, of course, so many tasks to complete. But moving with your kids is extra complicated. Make sure that you prepare all the packing supplies that you will need. Also get the right kind of moving boxes. Especially when your kids are helping, you want to be sure that all of your stuff will survive the transport in one piece.

When you start to pack, you should involve your kids as well. This is one of the ways to make moving fun for your kids. When you are moving long distance, you need to hire the most reliable movers that you can find. When it comes to relocation services North Carolina for sure you can find a reliable moving company, so you are focused on your kids.

Let them pack!

Let them pack their toys or items in your home that aren’t fragile. You can use fun labels and markers and pens in different colors. Even the youngest ones can be involved in the packing. If they don’t know how to write, they can draw what is inside the box and this way is moving fun for your kids. Just make sure that you label everything for the movers because they will be transporting everything anyway. Ensure that you are making it easier both for movers and your family to do a better job. Packing is a highly demanding job, and you can always have one room for you and your kids and the rest let the moving company pack up.

Kid is drawing on blank paper
Make your kids busy by giving them something fun to do.

Unpacking can be fun for kids

Unpacking is one more task that almost nobody likes. But this can be a fun and exciting job for the whole family. Let you kids unpack their own stuff and decide where to put them in their new room. Maybe you can decide together where to put bed or dresser or some other large piece of furniture. You have another way to make moving fun for your kids.

See who unpacks first and give them some kind of reward, this is very inventive and it will be also practical.

You can make moving fun for kids if they feel like they are involved in the decision making. You can use a floor plan and virtually rearrange the furniture in the house or apartment. Who knows, maybe your kids have some strange and brilliant idea that you didn’t think about. Just make sure that you unpack kids boxes first. You can load them last so they will be the first ones to unload when you get to your new place.

At the end of unpacking, you can always make a fortress from empty boxes.

Help them to accept moving

No matter the age of the kids, we can agree that they will be sad for sure. Give them time to accept moving and help them as much as you can. You can take them to meet your new neighborhood and maybe see some new future friends. If they are switching schools be sure to be as much involved as you can. At least at the very beginning. If they continue with their old routine they will be more focused on their chores and activities. Give them a chance to say goodbye to their old friends and neighbors. Maybe you can throw a farewell party, but you can also help them to keep in touch with them. It will be easier to cope if they don’t think that they must say goodbye forever. Also,  maybe you can make moving fun for your kids if they are excited to go to a new place.

Two boys with party hats having fun
Allow your kids to say goodbye by throwing them a party.

Moving day – fun day

If you try to make moving day fun it will be less stressful for both you and your kids. Make an adventure of a moving day, make moving fun for your kids. Having time to prepare for this day s crucial for them. If you hire a moving company you are actually helping yourself to shorten the list of things you need to do. This is the way to make more time for your kids. It depends on whether you are moving near or far from your current place, how stressful it can be. If you are moving to Raleigh NC, not far from home, you should check and see moving companies in Raleigh NC. Always hire professionals, and it is actually an advantage to hiring a company from the place you are moving to.

They will help you to organize and move and you can focus on enjoying the time with your kids. Maybe you can check and see some new restaurants or game rooms in your new neighborhood. 

kid on a swing great way to make moving fun for your kids
Your kid will have fun exploring the new neighborhood.

If they see that there are plenty of exciting and fun things to do near the new home, they won’t be so reluctant to move.