How to involve your kids in unpacking


Getting kids involved in any kinds of home chores is something that quite often seems impossible. However, the moving process is by itself very demanding. It is a hectic situation to be in and one that you would want out of as soon as possible. Therefore, getting any help available is something that you are probably going to be trying to do throughout the duration of the move. Now, who else should you turn to than to the members of your own family? After all, the people living with you are the ones that should be the most interested in getting through the moving process and settling into their new home. Therefore, we would agree that it is very important to involve your kids in unpacking at least. If you can, get them to help you out with other moving chores as well, of course.

What you can do in order to involve your kids in unpacking

If you would ask parents all across the globe about what exactly you should do in order to involve your kids in unpacking, you would probably receive plenty of different answers. Still, surely there are going to be some of them that would match.

A child playing on the floor
Kids are going to be eager to get down to the floor and play.

So, no matter where exactly you are coming from, following are some of the generally accepted ways to involve your kids in unpacking:

  • Make sure that they are included in the household chores from the young age
  • Taking part in family obligations will make them feel empowered
  • Get them to unpack their own room
  • Set a goal that they can reach and treat them if they do

If you are feeling unoptimistic about the prospect of managing to involve your kids in unpacking, don’t be. Movers Pittsboro NC have seen this happen numerous times. Therefore, it is quite possible to do it. All that you need to do is to stay persistent and not give in. This is something that will be of great benefit to them immediately, but in the future as well.

Include your kids in household chores from the young age

The first step to making sure that your kids will get involved in unpacking, and any kind of other chores in general, is to get them used to it from the very young age. The work habits are something that we train the brains of our kids from when they are really small. As time goes by, all that we will do later in the future is build on that foundation. In the case that there is no such foundation it is going to be quite growingly difficult to build one as they are growing up.

involve your kids in unpacking by making them feel empowered by doing it
You should ask your children to unpack their own room

Taking part in family obligation can make your kids feel empowered

Even if you are moving from Long Island to North Carolina and await such a change of scenery can prove insufficient motivation for them to take part in. However, the way that you are going to try and get them involved in the process is something that can be crucial to getting them to participate in it.

In order to motivate them, you should try to make them feel empowered by the process. The sheer fact that you would ask them for their opinions on different moving subjects can be a good introduction to involve your kids in unpacking. The key is to make sure that they feel like they are holding the strings in their own hands.

Still, remember. This is not something that necessarily needs to be done exactly this way. In fact, it is more important to make them feel this way than to actually let them make all the moving decisions. After all, moving is a family business. They should be involved, but you should be making the decisions as a family, as a team.

Get them to unpack their own room

One of the tricks that you could turn to when you want to involve your kids in unpacking is to ask them to take care of their own needs. Obviously, kids will need to set up their room in order to play or sleep. Instead of you doing it for them, you should get them to do it for themselves. This is a great introductory exercise. By making them feel that they are the ones who can take care of themselves, you will ensure that they take a more active role in unpacking after a local move.

A laughing child
Get your kids used to help out from the young age

Set a goal for your kids and treat them if they reach it

Kids like challenges. Even more than challenges, kids enjoy treats. Combine the two and you are in for a treat yourself.

Obviously, one of the ways to involve your kids in unpacking to set a goal that they can reach. Say, tell them that if they manage to unpack their room by 5 pm on the day of your long distance move, you will treat them to a cinema night. Then, make sure to follow through with your promise. If they deliver, make sure to fulfill your end of the deal. Otherwise, let them know that they did a good job. Still, a good job does not equal completion. Therefore, stick to your words and set clear boundaries. Everyone likes boundaries and kids are no exception.

Can you involve your kids in unpacking?

We have seen that in order to involve your kids in unpacking, you are going to need to use some imagination. However, this is not a lost cause. It is actually quite easy to get them interested. All that you need to do is to use the right approach.