How to help pets adapt to new surroundings

How to help pets adapt to new surroundings

Moving is a hard and exhausting event in peoples lives. You need to prepare and organize a successful move and take care of your loved ones at the same time. Good communication among each other can bring positive results. But what about your pet? Your pet’s well-being is entirely up to you. How you prepare your pet for relocation is of great importance. That is why we bring you the essential tips on how to help pets adapt to new surroundings.

Prepare everything up front

Secure your old home before the move and inspect the new neighborhood in advance. You need to know all the hiking trails where you might go for a walk with your pet. Check out which establishments are pet-friendly. And most important of all is to inspect every part of your new home. You need to be sure of all the holes and areas your pet can get into. Securing everything will bring you a piece of mind. You need to know if your yard, garage, and the attic are safe. And if there are no loose doors, windows, and anything else that can hurt your pet in any way.

Do research to find pet- friendly places

Same with your old home. You need to be sure that all measures already mentioned are applied once a moving day is here. A lot of people will move through the house carrying stuff around. Someone can stumble over your pet and hurt themselves or your pet in the process. And it would be smart to hire a moving company to help while you pay attention to your pet. That is why we can recommend Moving Kings NYC as one of the best movers in North Carolina. They will handle your move in the best manner possible. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to focus more and help pets adapt to new surroundings.

Routine is essential to help pets adapt to new surroundings

Like any pet owner, you probably have a daily routine and a schedule. Your pet got used to exercising, playing, and feeding every day. It is important that you give your pet a feeling that nothing has changed. Keep the same routine before and after the move. This will keep your pet busy and it will reduce stress and anxiety. Above all, this is good for you and your pet. This way both of you will get used to the new environment and make few friends along the way. Go for a walk or let your pet to play in the yard. Or visit one of the pet-friendly places in the area. Keep your pet entertained outside the house as well as inside. This help pets adapt to new surroundings more quickly.

There is no place like home

While in the process of packing, pay special attention to your pet’s belongings. Pack the essential bag or if you have a bit more, a dedicated toy box. You need to have your pets pillow, blanket, bowls, treats, and other accessories ready. Once the move is over, the first thing to do is to set up a temporary place for your pet. If possible, make a replica of the previous place where your pet used to sleep and relax. Surround everything with toys and pets belongings so the familiar smell can bring comfort and security. This will reduce the confusion brought by the move. Trick your pet for a moment that nothing has changed. This would be one of the best ways to help pets adapt to new surroundings.

Help pets adapt to new surroundings by giving them love and care
For some pets adapting to the new environment can be difficult

Also, the whole packing process is stressful as it is. Maybe it would be wise to seek out help and avoid headaches. Packing is one of the moving services North Carolina that you should consider booking. We can advise looking at Moving Kings NYC. For affordable prices and unique approach, they will cover your needs and exceed the expectation.

Be the loving and caring owner at the time of a move. This is the best way to help pets adapt to new surroundings

Do not forget to think of your pets mental state. If neglected they can become depressed and anxiety can take hold. Some pets do not give the notion that they are disturbed and such a situation can be problematic later. To avoid this, you need to be patient and give your pet enough attention. Even if you are in the middle of something, take a moment and spend some time with your friend. A couple of minutes is enough. The chase around the house, playing catch or a simple belly rub will be enough. This way your pet will know that you are still there and that there is nothing to be worried about. The same tactic can be applied once you are settling in your new home.

Some pets need extra care

Some pets are hard to work with, and some are more fragile than others. Therefore, you need to attend to the special needs of your pet. For example, birds are extremely fragile and there are special ways on how to move a birdcage. Same is with exotic pets like spiders or lizards. If you are unsure of the best approach, go online and read more about the species that you have. The slightest change in temperature or loud noise can have negative effects on your pet. Do the research and avoid unfortunate events.

Birds need special treatment

A more serious approach which will help your pets to adapt to new surroundings

To be on a safe side, you can ask around or read about the special situations you might be in. But not to worry, there is a solution for everything.

  • Visit your vetBefore and after the move, visit a vet and do a health exam of your pet. You need to know if everything is ok.
  • Special services – There are special services that are moving pets professionally. If your furry friend is a delicate one, think about booking their services.
  • Pet daycare – Depending on the complexity of your move, you might not have the time for everything. Consider a pet daycare as a form of a pet vacation. Let professionals keep your pet company while you visit when you can.
  • Special tools – Some pet habitats require special tools for the move and flawless execution. The best example is when you are preparing an aquarium for moving.
Aquarium with a fish
Pay attention when moving aquariums

The first week is important

It would be ideal if you can take a week off work and spend some quality time with your pet. The unpacking process will last for weeks, and you should take a slow and relaxed approach. Involve your pet in the event. Try to do most of the things together and that will help with the adaptation. But, maybe the best thing to do is to commit to a post move relaxation. Stay home as much as possible in the first and keep your pet company. This way both of you will relax and strengthen the already unbreakable bond. Meanwhile, you should recuperate by reading a book or catch up on the movies you missed in previous busy months. Keep your pet nestled next to you and enjoy. This calm and relaxing approach is the best way to help pets adapt to new surroundings.

Hopefully, now you are more aware of the various ways on how to help pets adapt to new surroundings. Remember that nothing can replace your love and tenderness. Therefore, be sure to provide enough attention to your little buddy. Be the caring owner as you are. We wish you and your pet, a safe relocation. Good luck!