How to handle disputes with movers

Two people having a dispute

Arguing with your movers is never a good option. You hired them and their services to do the work for you, and not to argue. However, sometimes situations like that cannot be simply avoided. Thus, we have prepared a short guide dealing with tips and tricks about how to handle disputes with movers. We hope that you will learn something new today! We also hope that you will never have to use this guide, but here it is, just in case!

Why disputes with movers happen?

Since this is not a simple guide for a perfect moving day, we will jump straight to the point. Here are several reasons why disputes with movers happen:

  • Disagreement about the move. This is the most common thing that occurs with your movers. Some things might need to be done otherwise than you expected and you movers let you know about them. However, this is something you do not want to do, like leave the apartment while they are working or the change of time and date. Cases like this are not common, but they can happen. The most important thing you need to know is that, although strange, it is also normal. Stress is really high on your moving day, thus nothing is impossible. This is the number 1 reason why disputes with movers happen.
  • Mistakes. We are all human. Even though your movers in North Carolina might be the best around, some mistakes happen. Mistakes are not uncommon, but big mistakes are rare. Sometimes even the professionals can mishandle your inventory items and break or damage them. This is one of the most common reasons why you would need to handle disputes with movers. Fortunately, this does not happen often. Most professional movers never broke or damaged anything, but we never know.
The best way to handle disputes with movers is to let the moving company know everything about it
Professional movers are really good at what they do – maybe it was only a mistake?

Some more things that might cause you to dispute

There are some other things that might be the reason of a dispute between you and your movers. For example:

  • Not respecting the agreement. This is quite rare, but sometimes it might happen, depending on your moving company. You need to think about how to cope with moving, and not how to cope with your movers. Unfortunately, some moving companies might not be reliable and this is when the problem starts. Your movers might not be on time, might not do what they should and they might also not even show up on the scheduled day without notice. When this happens, handle disputes with movers as you see fit, but do not overreact. Sometimes it is better to hire another moving company.
  • Lack of communication. This is also rare, but it can happen as well. Your movers might not be willing to communicate or they might not know how to do so. This can get frustrating really fast, especially if you need to get ready to move soon. Instead of arguing with them which would cause even more confusion, try to be above that. For example, take a few minutes to relax and ask them politely to see what is going on. In the worst case scenario, you can call your moving company and tell them that you don’t have a clue about your move. It can be fixed, sometimes.
A girl with a cardboard packing box
Most disputes occur during packing

There are more things you can do to handle disputes with movers

Of course, not all your movers will be like those from movers Greensboro NC – with some you will have problems. If you are a quiet person and need to learn to step up, check out the following:

  • Stand up for yourself. This is sometimes easier said than done, especially if the situation is not clear enough. You need to understand that your movers will (most likely) never do anything bad on purpose, but it can sometimes happen. Nevertheless, you should stand up for yourself when this happens. Why? Well, you should let them know that their services are not good enough or not appropriate. This way they might take it to heart and improve for the next move. Remember, we are all human, we learn and we grow. You will do some growing as well if you stand up for yourself as well.
  • Decide that it might be better to relax. Sometimes, rash decisions can lead to a lot of things we do not like. Instead of arguing, you should take some time for yourself. Browse some goods on Amazon or take a short walk before disputing with your movers. It might help you out quite a bit!
  • Remember that you’re all adults. You can learn how to handle disputes with movers only by disputing with them. We do not mean that this is necessarily the best option you can take. If you remember that you are all adults, it might get easier. Try to see what the problem is and try to make your movers understand it. Chances are you will succeed and they will apologize and do better. You never know.
A perfect Spring afternoon
Sometimes it is better to relax instead of entering a dispute with your movers

Additional information

In the end, we cannot influence some things. Whether or not your movers made a mistake or were simply not up to the standards is not your problem. You paid for the move and you expect the best of it. The best thing, however, is not to have any disputes with your movers unless you can help it. Why? Well, they are there to do their job and they will probably do their best. Bad days  happen to any of us. Thus, sometimes you might make a mistake and sometimes they can. The problem occurs when your movers are intentionally messing up. This is the time to stand up to them and to tell them what you think about that. However, this is really not common and it might never happen in your lifetime of moving.


Overall, we hope that we helped you learn how to handle disputes with movers in the best possible way. Just keep in mind that mistakes happen and that they can be settled. We also hope that this guide helped you at least a little bit and good luck with your move!