How to find a perfect apartment in NC

find a perfect apartment in NC

Are you looking to find a perfect apartment in NC? You want affordable, convenient, attractive – to have all of the amenities you need, and to be not too far away from the city? Here are our top apartment-hunting tips for those moving to Charlotte NC. There are so many options, and we understand that it can get hard looking for the perfect listing. Maybe an ideal situation doesn’t exist, but you can get pretty close by using tips from your experts Moving Kings NC. Here are some of the best ways to find a perfect apartment in NC. An amazing listing is within your grasp. So let’s start hunting!

Optimize your search

  • Set your budget range.

Determine what square footage you can afford each month by calculating your income and outgoing expenses. You must remember to count in moving services North Carolina, groceries, transportation, social activities, utilities, and gym membership. Include anything else that may be your expenditures. Make sure you write down realistic numbers so that you can still build a savings account. That will be your safety net in case of an emergency.

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Before you try to solve any problem, it’s crucial to visualize the solution. 
  • Do not go out of your price range.

You will just waste precious time and crucial resources looking at spaces that are above your price range. If your budget is a little tight, focus on how to find a cheap apartment before moving to Charlotte NC. Your top priorities should be security and cleanliness. You are going to have to skip prime location or the kind of space your wealthier friends can afford.

  • Try to always keep the bigger picture in mind.

Don’t be seduced by small perks. If a landlord gives you a TV or lets you move in before the date, you may rush in and it would be a waste if the apartment doesn’t have one of your larger requirements. Make sure to stick to your priorities and don’t compromise on the important things. Remember that bad comprise might lock you into a lease so think about your decision before committing.

Take the time of year into consideration when trying to find a perfect apartment in NC

  1. Prices may rise a lot the summer because that’s when a lot of people tend to move or go searching for a new place. Depending on where you live right now and if you are on a schedule, it would be best to look during October to December or February through March.
  2. People usually avoid moving during the holidays or when it is cold, so take advantage of the dropping temperature and the competition.
  3. Apartment tends to stay vacant during these months so you can expect some prices drop if you are willing to wait for a month or so.
  4. If you live in a location around top universities in NC, wait until after classes start in September. You may find a reduced rental rate.
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After visualizing what you want, the next step is to look at reality. Using websites is usually how you’d find a perfect apartment in NC, though going on foot will often provide more opportunities.

Create a list of needs and wants.

1. Choose your perfect neighborhood

Different neighborhoods have different looks, feels, styles, and of course a different price range. Before you start looking, you should have a clear idea of where to find a perfect apartment in NC. Explore areas that are posh and luxurious, why not, but also survey the one’s that are homey and comfortable. Use an online neighborhood guide if you’re don’t know all the North Carolina areas. Or take a stroll around some of the gorgeous areas of the city on foot and see what you like. Narrow your search considerably just by committing to a neighborhood. Just note that the average rent changes depending on which area you choose.

2. Commute Distance

This may be the simplest method to help you find a perfect apartment in NC. Here’s how to find apartments for rent based on how far you’ll commute. Go to your place of work and ask yourself, “Where can I find a perfect apartment in NC near me?” Use a map or locator app to create a radius of how far are willing to travel on a daily basis. You should take into consideration the small public transportation system the city has and the usually congested highways. North Carolina has one of the worst commutes in the country.

3. Budget is crucial when you are trying to find a perfect apartment in NC

Median rent and the price of living range a lot. You can expect to pay around $1,019 per month for a regular one-bedroom apartment in Charlotte, NC. It’s wise to save up before you move there. Your budget will, of course, determine the size and the area you can move to. It will dictate your limits of where you can search for apartments for renting or buying. Note that you could end up paying more than your neighbors because of fluctuations in the housing market.

4. Amenities

Apart from the number of rooms, take into account the type of amenities you’re hoping for. For example, you might like hardwood flooring, non-smoking buildings, or pet-friendly housing. All of this could narrow down your search further.

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Determine what square footage you can afford each month by calculating your income and outgoing expenses.

5. Find a perfect apartment in NC by choosing the style of housing

Are you hoping for an affordable loft or a luxurious duplex? Converted mills and factories are the latest rages in areas like NoDa. Also, there are handsome southern mansions that offer whole floors for rent.

6. Maybe you could find roommates?

If you can hope only around $600 to $700 per month, relax knowing that it’s totally possible in Charlotte. Sometimes, though, you might need to look outside of your desired area. Another option is to look for a roommate in order to get a perfect apartment in NC.

Hire pro movers to relocate you to NC!

Since always renters in Charlotte have turned to rental agents to help them. Moving brokers are becoming a trend more and more. After they help you find a perfect apartment in NC, call Moving Kings NC to conduct your successful relocation! Book a safe and swift move with us.