How to find a decent public storage in North Carolina?

public storage

Whether you are looking for a storage facility to keep your belongings for just a few months after the move or a longer period of time, choosing the right one should be a well-thought decision. Some of your belongings might require special treatment. Therefore, when looking for public storage in North Carolina, we suggest you do a detailed initial research by following the guidelines from this article.

How much of storage place do you actually need?

If you are moving to a new home, you must be more than eager to finish the task of searching for a storage unit and rush to planning your new life. The storage space and a few extra square feet might seem meaningless in the beginning. However, if you need to access some of your stored belongings in just a few months, you might find yourself wasting time on decluttering the space for hours. In order to avoid this common mistake people make when renting a public storage in North Carolina, you will need to evaluate the needed space in advance.

storage racks
Evaluate the size of a storage unit you are looking for in advance

It is important to do this before looking for storage service North Carolina providers. It might be that some warehouses can’t accommodate all of your belongings in just one unit. Therefore, you might end up renting out a whole new unit just to put away a few additional furniture pieces.

Why is having a packing plan so important?

When looking for the answers on how to choose a storage facility the very first step is creating a packing plan. Having a detailed list of items you want to move or store might help you a great deal.  It will be much easier to decide on a storage unit when you have a clear picture exactly which items need to be put away.

Creating and writing down a detailed packing plan will help you move quickly and unpack with easy after the move. The best way to stay organized during a move and find the perfect moving and storage North Carolina solution is to divide your items into 4 separate lists.

Create your own packing plan by diving your items accordingly:

  • Move. – Write a draft of all of the furniture you want to relocate to your new home.
  • Sell/Donate. – Selling or donating some of your belongings will help you save money and lower the moving and storage expenses.
  • Throw away. – Get rid of all the broken and household items and furniture you might have in your basement.
  • Store. – Create a list of all of the possessions you want to keep safe in public storage in North Carolina.

When creating a packing plan, keep in mind that you are relocating to a new home, not the current one. Therefore, make sure you don’t clutter your new housing by relocating too much furniture. Create a furniture placement plan in advance. Therefore, you will be able to move some of the items to the “store” list before renting the unit.

During this process, people tend to have the most difficulties deciding on which items to sell or throw away. Don’t get overwhelmed. The positive outcome is that you will save money and create more space for new memories and items in your new home.

How to choose the location of the public storage in North Carolina?

Is renting a storage unit close to your home really that convenient? Compromising on quality and safety just to have your items close may end up being not such a good bargain. Therefore, expand the location limits a bit further. Look for public storage in NC outside the city you live in. Storage facilities that are located a further from the urban area often have lower expenses.

map pin
Look for the storage units at the cities’ outskirts as well

If you are using long distance moving services NC and have reliable movers, ask them for recommendations. More than often they will be able to provide you with great storage solutions at an affordable rate.

DIY storage search VS using your movers’ storage services

There is no right or wrong answer here. It all comes down to meeting your needs. However, looking for a storage facility on your own will be a bit more challenging. Reputable moving companies like Moving Kings NC will be able to evaluate the items you need to store and whether they need any special storing conditions.

When going on storage hunt on your own, here are a few things keep a close attention to:

  • Check the storing conditions.

Valuable items like paintings, sculptures, photos, and antiques require special treatment. Temperatures that are either too low, high or changing often may damage them temporarily. Therefore, make sure you check whether the public storage facility has climate controlled units. 

  • Look for reviews and do an additional safety checkup.

In order to check the safety of a specific storage facility, you will need to research. Look for online Google business or Yelp reviews. Ask your friends for recommendations. Check additional online sources for burglaries and thefts. Visit the public storage in North Carolina you consider renting. Walk around and get to know the surroundings. Locals can also be a valuable source of information on a warehouses’ safety and reputation.

  • Double check the working hours.
open sign on a public storage in North Carolina
Make sure you can access your storage unit at the time that suits you

The working hours will become important if you need to access your belongings at any time. Also, keep in mind that, even though, some storage facilities offer 24/7 working hours their office closes early. Therefore, you might be able to access your unit but not to have any of their staff available to help you.

Prepare you belongings for storing

If you are using storage services by a moving company there is no need to worry about proper packing or storing. A reputable mover will be able to offer NC packing services as well. they will make sure your items are safe and that packaging doesn’t damage the surfaces.

When using public storage in North Carolina, you will, probably, need to take care of the packing process. Therefore, make sure you use the right packing material. In order to lower the expenses, you can look for free boxes from locals shops and liquor store. However, keep in mind that you will, most likely need to stack the boxes on top of each other. Therefore, make sure you invest in quality packing material. Packing crates and multi-layered boxes will keep your belongings secure and safe.