How to arrange your plants after moving

Arrange your plants after moving to make your home look wonderful.

The moving process is difficult and daunting, especially if you are preparing for the long-distance move. The most important thing is to organize, make a checklist, plan in advance and hire a professional moving company. However, if you are moving to North Carolina from Florida, you will also have to search for a job, search for a good school for your children and transfer or cancel your utilities. However, it might be difficult to transport all of your plants since they can get damaged or die during transport. Some moving companies will transport your plants but, if you want to be sure of their safety, you should transport them in your own car. We have also prepared a small guide on how to arrange your plants after moving! So, if you are interested, you should keep reading!

Tips To Arrange Your Plants After Moving

A relocation process takes a lot of time and causes moving stress. However, if you want to speed your moving process up, you should involve your whole family too. If you also hire movers Holly Springs NC your relocation process will be smooth and quick! You should know that some moving companies won’t transport your plants because they can suffer damage during transport. Pro tip: If you are moving locally, you can transport your plants in your car. However, if you are preparing for a long-distance move, you should give your plants to some of your neighbors or family. When you arrive at your new destination, you should head up to one of the local markets that sell plants and garden stuff and get some new species!

small plant
Large or small, plants will always make your home look wonderful.

But, if you are wondering how to arrange your plants after moving, here are some nice ideas!

  • Arrange Large Plants In Open Areas
  • Pick Some Supplementing Colors
  • Create Groups of Supplementing Plants
  • Indoor Plants
  • Use Accent Plants
  • Add Some Unusual Plant Forms

Arrange Large Plants In Open Areas

Large plants such as Philodendrons and Ficus lyrata look great if they are placed in some open living areas with lots of light! Small rooms are not good places for large plants like these. If they are placed in a small room they take up too much space and the attention of the onlookers. For your bedroom or study room, you should use small potted plants!

Pick Some Supplementing Colors

How to arrange your plants after moving is not the only thing you should think of! You should also make a good plan on how to arrange your small apartment too! If you have a lot of colorful plants, you should arrange them wisely. You should be sure that their color supplement matches the color of your interior design. However, if you want to make your home look bold or bright, you should use contrasting colors! You will make your small apartment look wonderful if you match the design and plant colors!

Arrange Your Plants After Moving – Create Groups of Supplementing Plants

Some of the indoor plants have very interesting textures, and then some others have variegating colors, attractive colors, and nice foliage. If you decide to group them together you will create a dramatic effect! When placed in a group, those plants that look similar will lose their looks. But, if you want to fully renovate your new home, you should see these painting tips to transform your home! Find a perfect color to match your plants in each room and your home will look amazing.

Plants have interesting textures, attractive colors, nice foliage, and variegating colors! Group these plants together in order to create a dramatic effect.

Indoor Plants

You can also create depth with indoor plants. Avoid lining up your indoor plants. Instead, you can place them in a group with larger plants in the background and smaller in the front. In order to create varying heights, you should use windowsills, stands, tables, and other furniture!

Use Accent Plants

Larger plants should be the center of attention. Therefore you should place it at a good and open living area with a lot of lights. Large plants such as yucca, palm or ficus can be used as stand-alone accent plants. Before you place any of these giant plants in a prominent place, you should find a good looking pot to plant them in.

Add Some Unusual Plant Forms

There is a lot of bonsai and succulent that come in unusual forms and shapes. These kinds of plants you should place strategically in your indoor settings and get the best of their eccentric and unusual formation and look! They are perfect for every room, but if you arrange these plants perfectly in your living room, it will look amazing and breathtaking!

Unusual forms and shapes of bonsai and succulent plants are perfect for each room!

Hire Reliable Mover

If you want to avoid unnecessary stress and headaches, you should hire a professional moving company. Every moving company has a license and years of experience in the moving industry. Well-trained and devoted workers will pack, protect and relocate all of your belongings fast and safely. Don’t waste your time, contact your professional mover now! The professional moving company also offers a lot of different moving services, such as:

  • Local and Long-Distance Moving
  • Residential and Commercial Moving
  • Military Moving
  • Professional Packing Services
  • Storage Options
  • Special Services (such as piano moving, home safe moving, long-carry, stairs, etc.)

Most of the people move during the summer. Warm and pleasant summer days are perfect for the move! However, if you have time to plan and organize, and you can choose when do you want to move, you should pick one of the off-peak days. A professional moving company is in high demand during the summer, weekends and at the end of the month. If you decide to move during the off-peak days, you can also get a discount on some moving services!

It will be fun to arrange your plants after moving! If you want to save your plants and you can not bring them with you, give them to your friends and neighbors. However, when you arrive at your new destination, head up to the nearest market to get some new and nice plant species for your lovely home and garden! Best of luck!