Home-staging tips for a better selling price

I honestly hope you are not one of those people who believe that selling a home is a breeze. “Oh, I have a pretty cool house so I can sell it in an instant”, said no home seller ever. I mean, the sooner we can beat out this obnoxious idea out of you, the sooner we can start getting you on the right road. How do we plan to do so? Well, there is a thing called home-staging, and this is one of the best things you can do to help sell your home as fast as possible. Basically, there are certain home-staging tips that we will go through, which would, in turn, help you understand what this process is.

Hopefully, you will have more luck than some of our customers who couldn’t sell a home for over a year. This is a lot of time sent down the drain. And for what. There were simple hacks that could have been done in order to avoid this. Thankfully, we are here to share. Also once you manage to sell your home consider how much will it cost you to move your home.

Top rated agents in the world unanimously agree on the fact that home staging can help any listing sell twice as fast. And even for more money than it was intended for. Still, if you think you can google a few kitchens on Pinterest, this won’t make you a home staging pro. This is where we come in. So, trust us!

Home-staging tips

The best way to start with home-staging tips is to explain exactly what home-staging is. If you did not know by now, home staging is basically ‘making the place look nicer‘. This means that, with a few swipes here and there, and with a few hours of your time, you might be able to not buy anything new but make everything look newer. This also comes down to making some rearrangements, moving some old things out of the picture and placing some other belongings in a way where they grab the spotlight. All of this can make your place look twice as better, and thus have twice the chance of being sold. Ready? Here we go!

Update the lights

One of the best home-staging tips that we can offer, and that can be cheap but very effective, is updating the lights. This is the tip we give everyone! Proper light in an apartment or a house makes all the difference. And this is the difference you wish to make in your home!

One of the home-staging tips that we offer everyone is to update their lights
Make use of some light tricks to make your house shine

Lightning fixtures are the biggest giveaway of whether a home is old or not. Replacing this can make an old building look new, or an old house look as if it was made yesterday.

Play with paint

One of the biggest fan favorite home-staging tips is the dance with paint. This is cheap as heck. A few buckets of paint can never really cost that much. And this small investment is definitely worth it.

You won't have to spend a lot of money on paint so you could refresh your houses' look
Painting is a cheap way to make some fun changes

You won’t waste a lot of money, and more importantly, you won’t waste a lot of time. Lowest investment, highest return. Grab a few buckets of paint and refresh the walls. You can do this in one afternoon with a group of friends. Who knows, if you are creative you could even have fun whilst doing so. Plus, an excuse to organize a pizza night is always worth it!

Remove excess clutter

Go through your place. Check every corner, and do it with a group of friends as well. Furthermore, grab a camera and take a picture of the rooms from different angles. Then take some time, sit down and look at the images you’ve made. Is there any clutter lying about? Is there any distortion in the image causing the ‘ugh’ moment? If so, there is some clutter, you need to store it away. However, don’t make the common mistake of placing that clutter into closets.

People don't like seeing mess as it often gives a vibe of negligence
Pack as much of your things into boxes so your house looks neat and clean

Why? Because potential buyers may open those closets. And if they see a crap tone of clutter, they might have a bad taste in their mouth. Use a storage unit. Store it away. Away from prying eyes at least. You can always pick it up later. If you don’t have any spare space consider hiring storage Sanford NC  to stow your things.

Make sure each room has a purpose

This is very important. Potential buyers will look at your place and try to map out what each room will be used for. One of the prime home-staging tips that we give our clients is to try to make every room look like it has a purpose.

The more you show off how certain rooms are useless, the more your buyers will want to reconsider. Nobody wants to buy a 6 room house that effectively uses only 3. But, if you demonstrate how you were able to make the most out of each of them, then your buyers might start thinking in the same direction.

The effectiveness of furniture and artwork

Last, but not least, there is one important home-staging tips that we need to share. When staging your home you have to be very careful about how effective your furniture and artwork is. To put it simply, you wish to fully avoid the furniture taking the spotlight. Or the artwork. These two should complement the home, showing off how anything and everything can fit perfectly in it. Like if you have a piano as a centerpiece, it does look beautiful in a home. But if they overshadow the home itself, people will focus more on the furniture than on the place they are wishing to buy. And if you are thinking of bringing your piano with you after you sell your house you might want to hire piano movers NYC. They can help you move stress-free.

You simply want to avoid the most of the attention going towards the furniture. They need to focus on the home. And their “ahhh” moment should be only aimed at how furniture fits in perfectly. Not how the home fits towards the artwork.