Hidden costs of moving and ways to avoid them

There are a lot of different hidden costs of moving. In order to avoid these costs, you should gather your own moving supplies, pack on your own and ask friends for help!

Did you know that you can avoid the hidden costs of moving? Every moving process takes time and requires a lot of money. If you decide to hire a professional mover, you should choose one of the moving companies Greensboro NC because they are reliable and trustworthy. Whether you are hiring a professional mover or not, you can still avoid hidden costs of moving! Let’s see how!

How to avoid the hidden costs of moving?

If you are downsizing but don’t want to throw away or get rid of some of your belongings, you should consider renting storage units Sanford NC. Renting a storage unit is not one of the hidden costs of moving but these certainly are:

  • Moving boxes and packing supplies
  • Pack your belongings on your own
  • Loading and unloading costs – Do it yourself
cardboard boxes
Avoid hidden costs of moving, gather moving boxes on your own.

Hidden costs of moving – Moving boxes and packing supplies

You can save a lot of money on moving boxes and packing supplies. If you hire a professional moving company and get their packing services you will reduce the moving stress significantly but you will also pay more for the service. A moving company will provide all necessary packing supplies and moving boxes but they will also charge for everything.

Therefore, in order to avoid hidden costs of moving, you should rent moving supplies and plastic bins, search for “already used” ones online or ask your friends and neighbors if they have some that they don’t need. You can also find free cardboard boxes and packing supplies in the stores and offices in the area.

Pack your belongings on your own

The packing and unpacking processes are the biggest time consumers during the relocation process. It definitely is easier to hire a professional mover for packing and unpacking your belongings, but that will also cost a lot. Therefore, if you want to avoid hidden costs you should start packing everything in advance. For example, you can pack all of your seasonal clothes and garage equipment a month or two in advance. You can also pack all the items located in the basement or in the attic.

garage tools
Pack your garage equipment and seasonal clothes in advance.

Loading and unloading costs – Do it yourself

Some moving companies won’t even mention the hidden costs of some services. Therefore, before you sign any contract or document, you should ask for a detailed list of services and costs. For example, carrying, loading and unloading will be included in the price, but what if movers have to use the elevator, stairs, carry heavy items such as piano or home safe or big and extremely heavy piece of furniture or even, if they have to carry everything far away because they couldn’t find a parking slot close to your home? All these things will raise the price!

So, in order to avoid these hidden costs of moving, you should ask your friends for help! Prepare, disassemble, pack and carry everything out before the moving company arrives. Don’t forget to save one parking slot for the moving truck a day or two before the move!