Helping out your movers on moving day – yes or no?

hands holding each other - like helping out your movers

There are a lot of things that you might be asking yourself when moving to North Carolina. These questions can be on all sorts of subjects. From whether or not you have found professional moving services North Carolina to what items you will pack – there will differ in their size and complexity. However, there is a question that we often hear, and which, somehow, stays unresolved for a long time. This is the question of whether or not you should be helping out your movers when the moving day arrives. People simply do not know where the line between simply helping your movers, and actually bugging them and causing more chaos than good lies. What are the moving services you are paying for, and what you are expected to do alone? Find out the answers in this article!

Helping out your movers by preparing your home

One of the best ways in which you can help your movers with the whole process is to prepare your home for their arrival. There are countless little things that you can do! These will not take too much time but will be of great help to your moving company. For starters, clean your home thoroughly. This way, you will put everything in order, and ready for packing and moving. What’s more, your movers will not be slipping on things on the floor or jumping around over them.

a vacuum cleaner
Clean your home thoroughly before the moving day!

Then, there are all those little things that you can do which will matter a lot. For example, if you are also using professional packing services, then it’s a good idea to unplug your appliances before they arrive. This way, you can sort out the cables and cut half an hour of your movers’ job. You are saving them the time, but you are also saving money on the move!

What’s more, even smaller things like getting your pictures off the wall go a long way to helping out your movers prepare for the move. This will take you only ten seconds, but it will help movers a lot. All you need to do is to pick up a painting or a mirror and lean it against the wall on the floor. Even better, you can put all of your paintings against one wall. Then, the movers can do a simple sweep and take everything with them!

Keep the things you will need away from your movers

Another thing that you can do, which will be helping out your movers on the moving day, is to keep all the items you will use in a separate place. Thinks like maps and cellphones, the sandwiches you prepared for the road or your lighter – all the little stuff you cannot spend the day without. Instead of spreading them around the house (and reminding your movers not to pack them), you can simply put them in a bag or in one place which your movers will not touch. This makes the process easy for them, and the items easy to grab for you.

cats in a box
Separate the things you are not moving in a box.

While on the topic of food, there is another thing to remember which will be helping out your movers a lot – clean out your fridge! This should be done even before the moving day arrives! You will not have the time to defrost it while the movers are in the house! So, before moving to Sanford NC, make sure you take a few weeks to thoroughly prepare for the move! Include this task in the preparation too! There should be no food or ice in the fridge when the movers arrive. Not only will this make the item heavier to move – but it might cost you more, as well as damage some items when the ice starts melting in the truck!

What to do with vehicles when helping out your movers

Another thing that people often worry about during moves are vehicles. There are multiple reasons for this. These items are not very often moved around, and it might be confusing when the time for it comes. What should you do with your vehicles? Are there ways in which you can prepare them well?

No matter what sort of moving services you are employing, there are still a couple of things you can do prior to the moving day. For example, if you are planning to move a bicycle, then you should take its front wheel off. Bikes are usually very awkward to pack. They seem pretty thin, but the handlebar can easily cause trouble. By taking the front wheel off, you can easily tilt the handlebar and make the bike easy to stack onto a full moving truck. However, remember to keep the weel near the bike, so you don’t mix them up when transporting multiple bicycles.

a lawnmower
Empty your lawnmower.

Finally, when it comes to the vehicles (and tools) that run on gasoline or oil, you will need to empty them before the move. A lot of moving companies will require this anyway, but you will be helping out your movers by doing it before the moving day. This includes your lawnmowers and leaf blowers as well as your motorbikes! If you are unsure about how to do it, then make sure you read guides on it prior to attempting it!


To conclude, there are a lot of things that you can do when helping out your movers. These mostly include preparing your home for the move, and the items within it. Keep in mind that the movers are professionals – they will know exactly how to pack your items properly. That’s why you won’t need to talk to them about it on a moving day! A good thing you can do, however, is offer some cool water or similar beverages to refresh them while they work!