Guide on unpacking your kitchen after relocation

Looking at cabinets and thinking about unpacking your kitchen after relocation

If you think that your relocation is finished the moment your items arrive at your new home, think again. When your movers leave your home, you are left with dozens of moving boxes laying around your new home. So, you need to act quickly if you don’t want to end up living between moving boxes. And, that happens more often than you think. People who move to a new home unpack only essential things and keep living like that for months. If you don’t want to end up living in box-clutter, you need to start unpacking the first day you arrive. Or, at least make a checklist that you will follow thoroughly. One of the first items in your list should be unpacking your kitchen after the relocation. Of course, everything will be easier if you packed properly in the first place. In other words, your unpacking starts with proper packing.

Make a packing plan that will help you with unpacking your kitchen after relocation

If you would like to unpack without too much hassle, you will need to think about it while you are still packing. Even though packing your belongings for relocation is no science, you will still have to turn on your brain cells. If you make a good unpacking plan before you start packing, it will be of much help during the packing, too.

Man making a plan about unpacking your kitchen after relocation
Make a plan about unpacking your kitchen after relocation

One of the most important things to remember when packing your belongings for relocation is to pack one room at the time. And not to put items from different rooms into one box. This may sound absurd to you. But you would be surprised how many people pack without any plan, just putting items in boxes without any particular order. This can sometimes be acceptable, especially if you are moving on short notice. But, all the time and effort you saved during that quick packing will return to you like a boomerang, once you start with unpacking.

Packing for easier unpacking

Of course, the easiest way to pack is to hire packing and unpacking services. Long distance movers Raleigh NC have excellent packing service, and that could be your ticket out of this complication. But if you are packing on your own, you need to watch out for certain details that will help you to unpack later. Every room should have its own boxes. If you pack your boxes with items from different rooms, you will have much trouble finding your items later. Also, another important thing to do is to label your boxes properly. That means that you should clearly mark all sides of the box with a permanent marker.

Kitchen cabinets
First, unpack your kitchen then everything else.

Some people like to use boxes of different colors for every room. Even though, that may be very helpful when the moving crew begins to unload your boxes from the moving truck, using boxes of a different color is not always possible.

Unpacking your kitchen after relocation should be the first thing to do

Using the moving services of a reliable moving company is a prerequisite for easy unpacking. It is not going to be easy to unpack if your boxes are damaged and your items destroyed. That is especially important when it comes to boxes with fragile kitchenware. That is why you should always try to hire reliable movers. And cross country movers Charlotte NC, are certainly one of the best in North Carolina. So make sure that you are dealing with a professional and trustworthy moving company before you start moving.

After your movers deliver your boxes, the real fun begins. Unpacking should be done one room at the time.  Unpacking your kitchen after relocation should be on top of your priority list. And there are a few reasons for that.

  • Unpacking your kitchen after relocation should be the first thing on your mind because of the fragileness of the kitchen items. If you start maneuvering between boxes with fragile items, it is just a matter of time before you break something.
  • If you begin with unpacking your kitchen after relocation first, you will have a place for a break.
  • Depending on the size of your home and the number of boxes you have, unpacking can sometimes take a few days to finish. And you will have to eat somewhere during that time. That is especially important if you have kids.

Clean before unpacking your kitchen after relocation

Before you start taking items out of the boxes, you will need to do some cleaning. That means that you will have to have cleaning products and tools at your disposal. Of course, you do not have to think about cleaning floors and spider webs. You can do this later. The important part is to clean all the cabinets where you will store your kitchenware. This has to be done before you fill your cabinets. Otherwise, it will be hard to do it later, when your cabinets are full of dishes.

White kitchen cabinets
Think where to place your items

Think about the order in which you are placing your items

If you plan to do the whole kitchen unpacking at once, you will have to think about the order in which you are placing your items into cabinets. Start with items that you rarely use. Those items will be probably kept in less accessible places. And those positions are usually somewhere in the back, behind the more reachable places. The items that you use more frequently will go to the more accessible spots in your kitchen. If you think that your new kitchen cannot accommodate all of your kitchenware, you can always rent a public storage North Carolina to keep them for the future.

Unpacking your kitchen first is a smart thing to do

As you can see, unpacking your kitchen after the relocation is easy. But it is the first thing you should do after you arrive at your new home. Of course, you can reorganize later – and you probably will. But emptying your boxes and putting the kitchen in working order is very important. At least so you could unpack the rest of your boxes with a full belly.  If you think that unpacking will take too much of your precious time, your movers Raleigh are always at your disposal.