Guide for stress-free moving day

Being mentally and physically prepared is a keystone of stress-free moving day

Moving is one of the most stressful events in life. It’s overwhelming and tasks keep piling up. You’re swamped with chores. Have you hired the best movers? The ones such as movers Pittsboro NC, of course? Have you chosen storage yet? Are you going to move on a budget? How can you stretch it a bit without having to barely keep your head above the water? Have you found suitable packing materials? Ample questions are why you feel under a lot of stress. And there’s no way out. All of it makes you a bundle of nerves.  It’s hectic and you can’t take it anymore. The worst thing is the moving day is just around the corner and you’re simply not ready. But you have to get it over with. So, here’s a survival guide for stress-free moving day.

Check and double check everything

First and foremost, you need to make sure all of the belongings are accounted for. To do that, enter each room one more time and take a peek. This way you’ll be sure you haven’t forgotten a thing. Needless to say, it’s a weight off your mind.


  • master bedroom
  • kids’ room
  • kitchen
  • bathroom
  • living room
Stress free moving day? Does it even exist?
How to have stress-free moving day is no joke

If you keep having the feeling you have forgotten something, take a few pictures to calm yourself down. Then again, if you have actually forgotten an important item, just add it to any of the boxes even if it doesn’t belong there. Also, pay close attention to the garage, basement, and yard, just to be on the safe side. If you want to be extra careful, check the electricity and running water. Once you’re sure everything is ok, it’ll give you a piece of mind.

Prepare essential boxes

One of the worst things when moving is not to pack essential boxes. People tend to forget doing that. Being water and food-deprived that day is a no go. Both residential and interstate move require you to be up for the challenge. If you faint, the whole moving process is jeopardized. To avoid this, do due diligence and pack essential boxes.

Firstly, grab some food and water. Candy wouldn’t be bad either. Get some fruit, too. The only thing you should ensure is to get nutritive food.

Additionally, have your toiletries and personal hygiene kit at hand all the time. The same goes for medicines. You need bandage, plaster, sterile gauze, alcohol and a pack of ice in case of a moving injury.  Moving safety comes first.

Don’t forget spare clothes, wet wipes, and an umbrella if it rains cats and dogs that day.

Healthy food ensures stress-free moving day
Prepare nutritive food to have stress-free moving day

 Get decent sleep

You can get jitters the night before moving. However, you need to chill out. A sleepless night is one of the very worst things you can do right before leaving for greener pastures, ok? Odds are you’ll be grumpy, agitated, and easily irritable. This will surely affect your communication skills. Being snappy and rude to your movers might come back and bite you.

In addition, moving involves a lot of heavy lifting. If you plan on helping your moving professionals, you need to be physically ready to do so. Being sleepy might cause severe moving injuries in case you drop a box. Are you really that keen on having a broken foot? It’s much better to let long distance movers North Carolina give you a hand.

Make sure to sleep for at least hours to have stress-free moving day
Having slept enough is a cornerstone of stress-free moving day

Get everything done by that day

It’s the truth moving day is stressful. On the other hand, you can do something about it. To illustrate, do not leave anything for the last minute. To put it differently, complete all the tasks at least a day earlier. Otherwise, you’ll be having too much on your plate.  You’re ill-advised to prepare for moving day the night before.

Let’s say you haven’t had enough time to pack. Consequently, you need to do that on the moving day itself. You’re in a vicious circle of packing occasionally forgetting an item or two due to pressure. As a result, you might forget something really important such as documents or money or your kids’ favorite toy. Do you think it’s not such a big deal? Have you tried moving and then going back to get Mr. Teddy? It is a big deal after all. Moving locally makes it somewhat easier, though, I give you that.

Do various exercises

Many people claim doing exercises helped them stay sane on a moving day. So, try doing yoga, you might benefit from it greatly. Similarly, give meditation a try. Supposedly, it relieves stress successfully. Rumor has it meditation makes your heart beats slower thus decreasing the stress level dramatically.

Then again, you might feel better if you do some cardio exercises to get it out of your system. Whatever it is, make sure it helps you bring your A game on a moving day. That’s a challenging moment and you need to feel good to go through it smoothly.

Lastly, think about go for a run before moving specialists appear. Jogging will help you think everything through one more time and pull yourself together after a series of stressful moving-related events. Saying farewell to your home is never a piece of cake.

Exercise to get ready for stress-free moving day


Moving is daunting beyond a shadow of a doubt. Still, you can make it a little bit less stressful. To begin with, you should check and double check everything. Knowing everything is under control is soothing. Next, make sure you completed all the tasks in a timely manner not waiting for the last minute. It will ease the relocation big time. Then, ensure to pack essential boxes so as o cover all the bases. So, provide yourself with nutritive food, water, fruit, an extra set of clothes and an umbrella just in case. But, what is of paramount importance is to get some sleep the night before. When you wake up, have a cup of coffee, do some exercises and off you go moving.