Get ready to move in a week: guide

A girl who is about to get reay to move in a week

Now, aren’t you in a hurry? Moving in a week is quite an undertaking. You will essentially have to take care of the work you would, in ideal terms, take a month or two to accomplish. However, we have to work with what we have, and that is a rather limited amount of time. And there is no need to spend it on eloquent introductions. Let’s see how to get you ready to move in a week.

Before you start taking any action, and before we start explaining how you ought to get ready to move in a week, a word of advice is due. Whether you have so little time for the lack of notice that the move was going to happen, or you procrastinated and time snuck up on you, moving in a week or less can be extremely overwhelming. So, what you need to do is take a deep breath, and then go at it.

Get ready to move in a week with a peace of mind

If you yourself are the cause of this situation, try not to beat yourself up over it. Life is a mess. Things happen, and the best way to deal with them is to act swiftly, and not waste much time on remorse. After all, you really don’t have time to reflect. Simply get to work.

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In order to get ready to move in a week, you will need a calm mind and an objective approach.

The first thing on your agenda is getting a plan in place. If you plan on moving to Charlotte NC with the help of professional movers, make sure to contact them as soon as possible. The movers of your choice ought to make an in-home inspection in order to provide you with an exact quote. As soon as you find a company that fits your needs and possibilities, make sure to book it.

On the other hand, if you desire to handle this move on your own, figure out how you intend to transport your items to your new home. If renting a truck is the option you are most eager to choose, make sure to call the renting company and get that taken care of right away.

Acquiring the moving supplies

As we have mentioned, and as you are already aware of yourself, time is of the essence. This means that you won’t have time for multiple trips back and forth to the store, in order to pick up boxes and packing materials. It is important that you get it right on the first go. So, take out all the items that you have, toss the garbage, and consider donating items of which existence you have long forgotten. What you ought to be left with are only the items you will be taking to your new home. On average, you will going to need about ten to twenty boxes of various sizes for your studio. Twenty to forty tend to be enough for a one-bedroom home. In addition, make sure that you pick up a couple of wardrobe boxes too. This will save you time, as you will be able to pack your clothes without having to pull them off their hangers and fold them.

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Everyone likes pizza. If your friends don’t, it might be time to get some new friends.

When it comes to packing supplies, a good rule of thumb is to figure out how much you think you need, and then buy more than that. You are going to need packing tape, packing paper and furniture protectors (in case you are moving on your own).

Asking for help when help is due

Moving in a week and not a box packed means that this is no time to be shy. Asking for help in these situations will do you more good than you could imagine. Set your pride aside, and call your friends or family members to come and help with packing and moving. Don’t worry, you will be able to express your gratitude both verbally and through other gestures. Not many things can say “thank you” like some quality pizza.

Setting the organization aside

If you would picture a perfect move, you would most likely have a vision of neatly stored boxes, filled with the perfect amount of items. Every box would be taped and labeled with great attention to detail. Your relocation, however, will look nothing like this. To get ready to move in a week is to set organization aside, as replace it with efficiency. Your goal here is to get your belongings from point A to point B. So, pack your plates with your clothes, your cords with your books, and don’t worry about it too much. Still, try not to expose any of these items to harm. Do not overfill the boxes, and never pack fragile without cushioning materials. If you find the time, it would be great that you label your boxes. At least the ones that contain fragile pieces.

Letters in a mail box
Waiting a bit for your mail to get sorted might be the price you are going to have to pay.

If you cannot move in just yet

Since relocation can be unpredictable regardless of the time you have allocated for this ordeal, it is important to know your options. If it is of vital importance that you move out, but lack the place to move in just yet, know that not all is lost. With storage Sanford NC, you can provide your items with a safe and secure place for the time being. As soon as you get everything sorted, you can transfer your belongings to their new home. 

Being mindful of the details

Having little time to act provides no excuse for being reckless. However hectic and crazy this period might be, you must remember to take care of the details. Filing a change of address with the post office, scheduling the shut off of your gas, electricity, internet, cable, etc. at your current home and transferring those service to your new home all need to be taken care of. Unfortunately, having to move in such a narrow time frame means that the timelines may not match up perfectly. There is a chance you will have to wait for your mail and internet to get sorted. But alas, such is the nature of this sudden change.

As you can see, in order to get ready to move in a week, you will need a cool head and quick thinking. With that covered, you will do just fine. Happy travels!