Furniture storage solutions

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Additional moving services like furniture storage solutions can help you relocate without any moving stress. Knowing that your belongings will be safe and secure will help you focus on other important moving steps and tasks. When deciding on a storage solution that will be best for you, you will have a few options to choose from. We’ll take a look at them in order to evaluate them and choose the one that will help you move with ease. However, even before searching for a storage unit, you will need to evaluate the size and weight of the furniture you want to store.

Evaluating the size of a storage unit you need

Before searching for the furniture storage solution you will need to decide on how much furniture you need to store. Are you looking to store all of your furniture or just a few sofas? Are there antiques or valuable pieces? These are the important questions you need to think about in advance.

measuring tape
Evaluate the overall size of the furniture you want to store in order to choose the best storage solution

Expensive and antique furniture will require different packing, storing and insurance. Stacking one expensive table onto another might damage its surface for good. Therefore, bigger storage units might be needed for some types of furniture. Also, is there any furniture that could be disassembled in order to occupy less space?

The best way to decide how much furniture to move to your new home is to plan the furniture placement in advance. Use a floor plan to decide on the furniture layout.

Lower the moving and storage expenses

Moving will require resources. Time and money will be the most important ones. Therefore, plan using them very carefully and save it. In order to lower your moving expenses, you should consider lowering the overall size of your move. The best way to do so is to sell or donate some of your belongings and furniture.

Lower your moving cost by selling some of the furniture you don’t need

Furniture is heavy and big. Relocating a lot of it will increase the moving expenses. Therefore, before deciding on the furniture storage solutions, create a detailed moving plan. Don’t relocate anything you don’t need or use. Use the furniture layout to decide which items you want to sell.

try not to get emotional when creating a packing plan. Stay practical. Old broken chairs you never got to fix are something you can easily live without. Therefore, organize a garage sale and invite your friends to help you. Give away as farewell gifts some of the items.

In order to lower the moving expenses even further, ask your friends and family to store some of your possessions. It might be that they have more than a few free square feet in their garage or house you can use.

Packing your own boxes and furniture will help you lower the moving quote as well. Therefore, roll up your sleeves and start packing. Gather free moving boxes from the local shops. Use reliable online sources like WikiHow in order to make sure you pack the furniture the right way.

Furniture storage solutions provided by your mover

When hiring a professional and reputable mover to help you relocate, you should consider asking them about additional moving services. Reliable moving companies, like Moving Kings NC, will be able to store your furniture safely and at an affordable rate.

A reputable mover will help you choose the right size storage unit. Also, they will do the packing and make sure your furniture is safe. Your furniture shouldn’t be accessible to anyone but yourself and the people you authorize. Contact your mover in advance and ask for detailed information on their storage services in North Carolina.

Make sure you inform the mover about the services you need in advance. Chances are they can reserve a storage and have it ready for the date you choose. Having the short amount of time for finding a storage unit might make you choose a smaller one. Therefore, make sure your furniture is safe by contacting your mover as soon as possible.

Look for your own furniture storage solutions

When having a long distance move NC people often want to find their own storage units closer to their new home. Make sure you choose the right one by paying attention to few important factors:

  • Know what size of the furniture storage solutions to look for.
  • Make sure you do the packing right and if possible, raise your furniture off the floor. 
  • Pay attention to the climate control.
  • Reserve in advance.
  • Get informed about the insurance options and choose the right one. 
  • Rent the additional storage units if you want to store your car as well.

The climate control

If you need to store your paintings, photos and other artwork and valuables, look for a storage unit that has climate control. Wrapping your valuables in plastic packing wrap and keeping in changing temperatures can damage them for good. Therefore, make sure your belongings are safe and staying in good climate conditions.

termometar for measuring the temperature in furniture storage solutions
Make sure your artwork is safe and in a storage facility with climate control

Storage solutions for your car

If you want to rent a storage unit for your vehicle as well you should consider two options. You can either use a different unit for your car or just rent a bigger space to fit your furniture as well.

Storage units that are 10 by 20 feet will be able to fit in a 3 to 4 bedroom home. Or a smaller home and your car as well. Make sure you prepare your car for transportation and storing. Many storage facilities have the vehicle storage units. Therefore, your car, motorcycle or a boat will be safe until you manage to relocate them to your new home.

Few additional tips to follow

In order to help you choose the best furniture storage solutions we have a few more important guidelines:

  • Use the space of your storage unit correctly. Put the heavier furniture and items at the bottom. Make sure you don’t have any half-empty boxes.
  • Don’t leave any food in the storage unit.
  • Label the boxes in order to be able to reach the items inside and not forget how to find the thing you need.
  • If there are any items you think you will need to come back for soon, make sure they are easily accessible.
  • Leave a passage and enough space for you to walk around the unit.
  • Create an inventory of the things you are storing in the furniture storage solutions you have chosen.