Free and fun activities in Carrboro NC

A girl looking forward to all the Free and fun activities in Carrboro NC

Moving to a new place brings for a lot of opportunities. Apart from being able to start fresh, and build your life as you desire, you can also explore the new place, and learn about the free and fun activities in Carrboro NC that would go great with your leisure time. While your movers Carrboro NC have probably had quite a number of valuable advice regarding life in this city, we will bestow you with some of our favorite activities for you to attend as well.

Free and fun activities in Carrboro NC

Having that all of the activities that we will now list are both fun and free, know that you are bound to run into a lot of people. Some of these may even be your Chapel Hill movers. Not that this is a bad thing. You can reminisce about the old, good times you had together.

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With so many fun and free activities, you are bound to run into all sorts of interesting people.

Nonetheless, let us begin:

Get to the great outdoors

One of the great free and fun activities in Carrboro NC that are applicable to almost anyplace is to simply go outside. Walk, run, bike, hike or play, not necessarily in that order. With the Carrboro-Chapel Hill Bikeways and Greenways, you will have plenty of nature to enjoy. You can also take your kid with you, and go about exploring the wonderful Carrboro parks. Oh, and let’s not forget about the Carolina North Forest. You can have some pretty amazing time exploring it. Know that it is accessible from Wilson park and Sewell School Road, and remember to bring your water, some snacks and a compass with you.

Learn about the history of Carrboro NC

Another great way to spend your weekend with kids (or alone) is to go on an adventure of exploring the town you are now calling home. Namely, the website of the Town of Carrboro NC offers a self-guided historic Carrboro Walking Tour. Print this useful leaflet at your home, or simply write the instructions down on a piece of paper, and let the exploration begin. The guide comes with short descriptions of the places that are sure to pique your interest. After going through it, you will be able to give some pretty nice tours to your friends who come visit.

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With an intriguing town like this, there will be no shortage of fun and free activities in Carrboro NC

Check out the upcoming events and programming

Free and fun activities in Carrboro NC are never lacking as the town itself is filled with all sorts of events. You can check for recs and parks programming to find something sports-related. Look for Weaver St Market, as well as Carrboro Farmer’s Market with their upcoming events. And don’t forget about the Cats Cradle and the ArtsCenter. Every second Friday evening, you can walk around Carrboro and enjoy the new works of art in the town’s galleries, shops, and public buildings.