Family fun in Charlotte NC – where to go?

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When you move to a new city with a family, you all need some time to get your bearings. It is not easy to deal with the moving stress. However, to adapt much quicker to the new surroundings, it is important to spend some quality time together. Staying at home is always a good option, but it is more exciting to go somewhere new. For this reason, here are the places to visit if you want to have family fun in Charlotte NC.

Charlotte, NC

If you are moving to Charlotte NC, you should get to know your new city a little bit better before the relocation. Charlotte is the most populous in the state of North Carolina with almost 900 000 people living there. In the last decade, Charlotte was the fastest-growing city in the state, with almost eight hundred thousand new residents. As for its geography, it is located near Lake Norman, which is the biggest man-man in North Carolina. There are two smaller lakes, also man-made in its vicinity. Additionally, Charlotte is home to the second-largest banking center in the United States, which consists of Bank of America and Wells Fargo. Because of its good weather and plenty of green space, there are many places where you can go for family fun in Charlotte, NC. Now, onto the activities.

High Seas Miniature Golf

There is no better way to start listing activities for family fun in Charlotte NC than with mini golf. If you mix golf with pirates, then you get endless fun. You can start your adventure once you get on board of a pirate ship that has crashed into a deserted island. The reason for its crash is treasure, of course! Since you are on the pirate ship, it is time to look for this hidden treasure while trying to score. Once you finish all holes on the 35-foot ship, your next destinations is a deserted island. Additionally, if you or your family member get tired or thirsty, you can refresh yourselves with local ice cream.


How to combine fun with books and learning? ImaginOn has the answer. As a part of the public library system, it is free. This library consists of several different areas, each geared towards different age group.

  • The main Spangler Library is for small children up until fifth grade. It offers plenty of interesting and engaging books for children to read, as well as places to curl up with a good book.
  • The Loft is reserved for teenagers. It has many popular and interesting books for teenagers, as well as graphic novels, and movies. Additionally, it has many quiet places for studying or planning and presenting a project.
  • There are two theaters on the site as well, the Wells Fargo Playhouse, and the McColl Family Theater. The whole family can go and see a play in one of these two theatres as a part of family fun in Charlotte NC.
several colorful books and a cup
Your children can read interesting stories appropriate for their age

Mint Museum Randolph

The Mint Museum Randolph organizes unique and fun Bilingual Stories & Music program,  where kids and their parents can learn a new language. On the second Saturday of every month, they dedicate time to celebrate the Spanish language and Latino culture. All the activities, songs and plays are first performed in English, followed by Spanish. All the little ones have the great opportunity to learn a new language through songs and games. Additionally, parents can meet other families there, or use this time to as a part of post-move relaxation.

Carolina Raptor Center

Carolina Raptor Center is a good place for family fun in Charlotte NC. It has one of the largest collections of birds. Many of these birds of prey are sadly endangered in the wild. For this reason, you and your family will have the opportunity to see hawks, owls, eagles, vultures, and many other bird species. Additionally, in front of every cage, you can read the story about how this bird came to be in the center, as well as some general information about the species. Furthermore, you can also enjoy one of the various shows they hold during the day. However, you will have to pay for entrance, but children under 4 can go for free. It is an interesting place to visit, especially if you have just moved to Charlotte. In order to make your move less stressful, you can always check out long distance movers Charlotte NC.

woman feeding a bird as a part of family fun in Charlotte NC
You can learn about birds of prey

Great Wolf Lodge

Family fun in Charlotte NC starts at the water park Great Wolf Lodge. Here your children can enjoy various fun rides such as the six-story slide Howlin’ Tornado or the Fort Mackenzie treehouse. They offer many other activities not only exciting water rides. The children can participate in Paws-on-Projects where they can paint their faces or learn how to twist balloons. The whole family can enjoy some live-action games, such as Compass Quest or MagiQuest. If you end up liking this water park so much, you have the option of spending the night here as well. However, these options are also quite special since you can either sleep in a themed tent or in a cave.

people standing in a pool
Have fun at a water park

Nature Centers

As the last activity you can do as a part of family fun Charlotte NC, you can visit Nature Centers. These are the best places for your children to have fun outdoors, surrounded by beautiful nature. As a whole family, you can have a picnic in one of these parks. Later, you can be more active and go for a long walk since all of these parks have marked walking trails. The Latta Plantation Nature Preserve has the butterfly garden, bird station and horse riding facility where you can ride horses if you choose. Lastly, any green space is good for sports. A good way to explore the sports scene in this city is to check out the Charlotte sports guide.

Family fun in Charlotte NC

There are so many places to visit in order to have some family fun in Charlotte NC. Use your free time to visit them all and to spend time with your family.