Exploring Fuquay Varina NC

Changing home is never easy. Apart from changing the place you live in, you are also changing your routines, habits, and surroundings. Adapting to the new place and making it cozy, homey and welcoming can take a lot of time. One of the ways to get there is to arrange your home exactly to your liking, and taking as much time as you need. An additional way you can make the new place feel like home is to get to know where you moved to. That is, to explore the place. As your movers Fuquay Varina NC probably mentioned, this town has a lot of charming features to it. So, if you are up for exploring Fuquay Varina NC, do continue with the read. We will go through all the places worthy of your attention.

With the help of moving companies Garner NC, you have successfully moved your household to a new location. The boxes have been unpacked, and almost every item you own has found its rightful place somewhere in your apartment. However, if you still feel like a stranger and out of place, it’s time to head out.

A girl holding a map
Get ready for a unique way of exploring Fuquay Varina NC.

Exploring Fuquay Varina NC

Grab your favorite outfit and pair it with the most comfortable shoes you have, since there will be a lot of walking. Don’t drink your coffee just yet. Rather save yourself for Stick Boy Bread bakery that offers some amazing baked treats and a wonderful coffee to compliment your meal. After you have finished with these refreshments, we suggest that you head out to Shoppes on Main, and browse more than 30 unique shops, all under one roof. If you need some trinkets for your new home or are ready for a wardrobe upgrade, this is the place to visit. Bostic and Wilson, as well as K’nB’s Marketplace, are great for anything antique, while Ashworth’s Clothing offers the finest in men’s apparel. Once done will all the hardship shopping brings, treat yourself with anything from The Chocolate Fix, since you cannot make a mistake there.

Having that you just moved, we can assume that you may need some new furniture, so as to organize your place to perfection. If this is indeed the case, SUR Furniture ought to have all that you might desire. With their ever-changing selection of vintage and reclaimed furniture, you are bound to find just the pieces you need. And, apart from making your place chic, you can do the same for yourself by paying a visit to Samantha’s Jewelry that specializes in custom designed jewelry.

Afternoon adventures

As the sun passes over its zenith, the time for round two begins. You might feel hungry at this point, and there is no better place for Italian food than Anna’s Pizzeria. However, if you are for some southern hospitality, be sure to make a stop to Mason Jar Tavern. There, all of your comfort food dreams will come true. Once you have adjusted your belt and are ready to continue exploring Fuquay Varina NC, we suggest that you pay a visit to Revelry Barber & Shave Shop. Whilst there you can get a haircut, cold beer and a game of pool. Yes, all of those in the same place.

A cup of coffee on a cafe table
Treat your palate with some of the finest coffee in town.

Time for a coffee break and Cultivate Coffee Roasters are a great stop for this occasion. Enjoy some of the finest beverages before heading to the Fuquay-Varina Arts Center. This renovated state of the art hot spot for creative theater is filled with a plethora of visual and performing arts. Whenever you yearn some quality entertainment, this is the place to head to, and truly enjoy yourself.

Using the last moments of sunshine

Saying that you have been exploring Fuquay Varina NC and not stopping by Fuquay Mineral Spring is just not acceptable. After all, the town gets the first part of its name by these ”healing waters”. Whilst there, make sure not to miss the splendors that Fuquay Mineral Spring Inn offers. It is located directly across the street and is known for its lavish accommodations and breathtaking gardens.

If you are a history enthusiast, and also want to spend some quality time with your kid that both of you can enjoy, Fuquay-Varina Museum and adjoining Ashworth Park will prove to be great fun. They are housing treasures from the town’s past, as well as the first post office, schoolhouse, and a caboose.

Things to do in downtown Varina

You ought to know that Varina is the hub of locally brewed entertainment. So, when going for a tour around the place, make sure to have a proper meal beforehand. We suggest you make a stop to the charming location of Nil’s Bakery for some fabulous Mediterranean food. If you are still craving Italian cuisine, give J&S New York Pizza a shot, and satisfy your sweet tooth at Sweet Creations with some frozen yogurt.

A man giving a thumbs up next to a glass of beer
A beer enthusiast? You’ve moved to the right place.

Now that your stomach is ready for beer tasting, we think it’s a good idea to start with craft beer at Aviator Trap House. You can extend your joy over at Aviator Beer Shop and Aviator Smokehouse. Let us not forget to mention Mason Jar Lager, as well as Pints. These places are serving both beer and ice cream, making your delight complete. It would be smart to include Fainting Goat Brewery, 3rd Degree Brewhouse, Vicious Fishes and Oaklyn Springs Brewery in this beer itinerary. Next to amazing micro-brews, you will get to enjoy live music, tours, and special events. Another way to visit all these amazing places is by taking a BrewQuay prowler tour. That way you will surely find your new favorite beer in no time.

An honorable mention in this beer craze has to be The Mill. The place that oozes with a rustic industrial feel, located in the heart of downtown, features over 20 craft beers from all over North Carolina. After all, truly exploring Fuquay Varina NC is not possible without giving every craft beer a try, so you might as well begin your adventure with the best ones. Here, even wine buffs can have a nice time, since The Mill has a quality boutique of wine selection. Take your time, and enjoy your new place. Cheers!