DIY unpacking vs. professional unpacking service

DIY unpacking vs. professional unpacking service? Which one suits you the most?

The relocation process takes a lot of time. As soon as you find out about the move, you should start organizing, preparing, planning in advance, sorting out your budget and making an ultimate checklist. But, that’s not all! Packing and unpacking is the biggest part of the moving process that takes most of the time, definitely. If you are moving to North Carolina and can not decide about DIY unpacking vs. professional unpacking service, we are here to help you make that difficult decision. So, let’s get started!

Guide for DIY unpacking vs. professional unpacking service

On average, every American move around 11 times during their lives. If you have gone through the moving process, you definitely know how much time do you need to unpack all of your belongings. The process can take weeks or even months, depending on the size of your household. However, if you are moving from long island to North Carolina and you are hiring a professional mover, maybe you should consider their unpacking services too. Let’s see now what are the good and bad sides of DIY unpacking vs. professional unpacking service!

moving boxes, laundry machine
Professional packers will unpack all of your belongings and place them in the room that they belong to.

DIY Unpacking

Preparing for the move on your own is the most daunting process ever. However, if you don’t want to hire a professional mover, you should at least ask your friends, family, and neighbors for help. If you have high school kids, you should involve them in the moving process as well. In order to make the unpacking process easier, you should follow these steps before you start with packing:

  • Gather enough moving boxes. Pack tv and smaller kitchen appliance in the original boxes if you still have them. You can also find free cardboard boxes in the offices and stores around you.
  • Buy packing supplies or use sheets, blankets, and newspapers instead. You can also ask some of your neighbors who recently went through the moving process for some leftover packing materials.
  • Buy new color markers and packing labels. You can also download labels over the internet and print them out. However, if you have time, you can create labels with your children and have fun!

Properly packed and marked boxes will make your unpacking process easier. But, no matter what, unpacking process takes time and you will need at least a month until you unpack and sort everything out.

Professional Unpacking Service

Still can not decide, DIY unpacking vs. professional unpacking service? Well, DIY unpacking will take a lot of time but you will save some money while professional unpacking service will cost more but you will be unpacked in no time. Professional packers are well-trained for this job and they will pack and unpack your belongings fast and smoothly. However, there are a few different unpacking services that professional packers offer:

  • Full Unpacking Service
  • Partial Unpacking Service
  • Do It Yourself Unpacking (the most popular option)

In addition, if you want to prepare completely for the moving day, you will have to make the ultimate checklist! Proper organization, planning in advance and making a checklist will lead you to the successful moving day! The key is to start preparing at least two months before the moving day!

Full Unpacking Service

If you want to sit back and relax, you will get a full unpacking service. Professional packers will assemble all furniture carefully and place each piece where you want it to be. Full unpacking service also provide unpacking all of your moving boxes and placing all the items for you to put away. Unpacking service includes taking away and recycling all empty boxes after the unpacking process is over. Full unpacking service will help you to speed up your moving process!

businessman carrying boxes
Get full unpacking services and you can just sit back and relax!

Partial Unpacking Service

If you want to save up some money, this is the second option that suits you more than full unpacking service one. With this option, professional packers will place all the furniture and moving boxes where you want them. They will also unpack some of the boxes. However, if you choose to get partial unpacking services, your professional packers won’t haul away all of the empty boxes. It’s always better to get full unpacking services, but if you want to save money, this one isn’t bad at all either!

Do-It-Yourself Unpacking

Most of the people actually choose this option. Your professional movers/packers will unload all of your belongings and place each box and piece of furniture in the right room. Your professional packers will then leave and let you finish everything else. Some people actually love to unpack and sort out things at their new home.

Find A Reliable Moving Company

In order to save some precious time and avoid a lot of moving stress, you should hire a professional mover to assist you with your relocation process. Every professional moving company has well-trained workers, polite and professional customer service, license and many years of the experience in the moving industry. If you are wondering what kind of moving services they are providing, feel free to contact your professional mover and ask. Some of the moving services that every professional moving company provides are:

  • Local Moving
  • Long-Distance Moving
  • Residential Moving
  • Commercial Moving
  • Storage Services
  • Professional Packing Services
  • Packing Supplies
  • Moving Insurance
  • Military Moving
  • Special Services (such as moving a piano or a home safe, etc.)
Professional packers will pack, secure, transport safely and unpack quickly everything that you possess.

Hiring your professional mover during the off-peak days is also one way to save some money. Avoid summer days, weekends, and end of the month, those are the days when the professional mover is in high demand!

Hopefully, you have decided which one, DIY unpacking vs. professional unpacking service, is a better option for you. It depends on what are you searching for! If you want to save some money, you will unpack everything yourself, but, if you want to sit back and relax, hiring professionals is a better idea! Have a good move!