DIY relocation vs hiring movers

hiring movers

The moving process may be difficult in many ways, especially if you need to make a choice between moving by yourself or hiring movers to help you. There are many aspects to consider when you make this choice but we are here to help you. Because of that, people get overwhelmed before they even start packing. Figuring out which moving method is the best one for you will help you get ahead with your move.

What to consider before making a decision?

packing for the move
Before you make a decision, make sure to weigh pros and cons.

When deciding whether to hire affordable movers in North Carolina or move by yourself you should consider your moving budget. Before making a decision take time to calculate possible moving costs. If you can, consider asking more than one moving company for the official quote. Also, don’t be afraid to use an online moving calculator to get the idea of the moving price. If you contact professional movers NC for a quote, ask them to do a home estimate. Also, consider there are different types of quotes your movers may give you. If you want to know the final price of your move with all additional costs included, ask for a binding quote. Reliable movers will give you the estimate as the official document you signed.

When deciding on the best way to perform your move, consider your budget, proximity to the new home, the complexity of the move and your personality. If you are not the type of person that physically carry heavy and bulky furniture consider hiring movers. On the other hand, if you have a friend that can help you carry a couch down a flight of stairs, moving by yourself may not be such a bad idea. Also, if there are elevators in your new building, that may speed up and make the moving process easier.

Questions to ask before you make a decision

Before you make your final decision whether to pay for professional moving services North Carolina or to move by yourself, consider these questions:

  • How accessible is your new home? – If you have narrow doorways or numerous flights of stair think again about hiring movers. They are equipped and insured when moving in these circumstances.
  • How much time do you have? – If you don’t have much time for your relocation and you may not move in one day, your move may become a nightmare for you and your friends that help you carry every item in your home.
  • Can you downsize? – You can downsize the number of items you wish to relocate and move only essentials. That way your relocation may be easier to perform when moving by yourself.
  • Do you have special and unique, expensive items that require special attention? – If you do, consider asking for professional help. They are used to handling special items. Also, you can buy additional insurance to handle your valuables.
  • How much will you spend on additional equipment? – In most cases when you move by yourself, you may need to buy or rent additional moving equipment. Dolly’s, sliders, shoulder dollies will help you stay safe and carry heavy appliances.
  • Do you have any packing supplies? – If you don’t have any professional packing service NC, you may need to buy some supplies. Calculate the overall costs of all the packing supplies and additional equipment. When you do, see if it is cheaper hiring movers for your relocation.

Moving by yourself

Pros of DIY move

One of the pros of moving by yourself is to have total control over your move. You get to control the moving process and to choose everything you will need. You can rent the moving truck of your choice and get the packing supplies you want. On the other hand, you can handle the boxes yourself and make sure nothing gets damaged during the moving process.

lifting boxes
The worst thing about your DIY move is heavy lifting.

You have the flexibility to decide when to start packing and you can choose the time when to relocate. You can set the date and choose great weather conditions. Also, you don’t have to worry about movers not putting your boxes in rooms they are not meant for.

One of the most important upsides of the DIY move is that you save money. When on a tight budget, moving by yourself may be the best option for you. Also, if you are moving a short distance, the price of hiring movers may add up unexpectedly. If you only rent a moving truck you can save a lot more than to hire movers to load and transport your belongings. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about insurance and pack however you want. When packing by yourself you can take your time and pack sensitive items. Movers usually want your boxes to be sealed and ready before they arrive. This way you don’t have to worry about that. Also, another great news, you don’t have to pack everything. As long as everything is safe you may not obsess about the way you packed your pillows.

Cons of the DIY move

The worst thing about your DIY move is heavy lifting. You have to carry everything by yourself. The move is that much harder if you have flights of stairs and narrow hallways in front of you. Also, another thing that may not be your cup of tea is planning the entire moving process. When you hire movers, you have to plan too, but not as much as when you move by yourself. On the other hand, you may experience unexpected situations on a DIY move.

Hiring Movers


When hiring mover’s pros are easy to guess. You don’t have to lift a finger and stress about the moving process. There is no organization, endless phone calls, and stress. The movers you hire to relocate you should be efficient and professional. Hiring the professional and experienced the moving company is easy. Just contact the best movers in NC and enjoy the move.

moving truck
The movers you hire to relocate you should be efficient and professional.


There are few downsides of hiring movers. When professionals move you, they limit your control over the move. Also, the biggest downside when hiring movers is the price. If you are on a budget, they may be too expensive.