DIY piano relocation: yes or no?

I bet you weren’t thinking about DIY piano relocation when you bought that wonderful instrument. The question that is keeping you up at night regarding whether you should handle this job on your own or call piano movers NC is not a worry of many. However, not many people have the luxury of practicing for their solo concert at the comfort of their living room. So, let’s not dwell too much upon the pickle you have found yourself in, but rather address the answer to the question that is bothering you.

Should you go with DIY piano relocation?

Before you decide between a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, you need to address other questions first. As you are probably aware, pianos come in different sizes. And one would not handle moving an upright piano as he would moving a grand piano. So, the question here is whether you can deal with the size of this wonderful instrument. Plus, some pianos can be disassembled, while others are not up for that option. Do you know how to take care of that without an axe? If you find these questions to give you further struggle, we urge you to give professional movers a call.

A nice looking concert piano
What a nice piano. It would be a shame if someone was belligerent when dismantling it.

You should look at your piano as a really, really, really heavy items, that is also really, really fragile. With this in mind, any mistake that can occur can be content with a lot of dollar signs. And let’s not forget about the serious injuries that are a possibility. Apart from a proper plan, you need to have the equipment and people who are able to handle your DIY piano relocation.

Do you have the necessary equipment and knowledge?

Okay, so you can lift your piano with fair ease (and a couple of helping hands), but can you fit it through the door?  In addition, if you plan on moving to a flat, can you get the piano up to the floor where it will reside? Getting complicated, is it? Don’t get us wrong, we are not trying to burst your bubble, it’s just that your safety and the safety of your piano are at stake here. There is no need to be a hero here. Just as you would go for quality storage units Sanford NC and not leave your belongings in some funky shed, so should you go for people you can trust when moving a piano. If those people are you and your friends, by all means, go for it.

A piano
Thinking about DIY piano relocation cannot be separated from thinking about the safety of your instrument.

Still, it is important to realize what comes with DIY piano relocation before you decide to exclude professional movers. Equipment that will ensure the safety of the item, as well as of the people handling the lifting is essential. Proper techniques need to be employed. And, as things rarely go as planned with everything in life, you need to be prepared for certain mishaps if they occur. This is what makes professionals a better choice. Chances are they have been through and seen it all, and will thus know how to address every situation presented.