Cost of a New Mobile Home in NC

truck depicting the Cost of a New Mobile Home in NC

If you are looking for affordable housing solutions in NC, mobile homes represent one of the best options. Even though in the beginning, mobile homes had a bad reputation as far as safety is concerned, moving companies Apex NC are saying that it is not the case anymore. As they have moved more people to mobile homes than ever before. That is because, nowadays, mobile homes are built in factories and they are safer than ever before. And together with their affordability, short period of construction, low maintenance costs, lower property taxes, and their customizability, they still remain one of the best housing solutions in NC. If you are looking to buy a manufactured home, read this article and find out what is the cost of a new mobile home in NC.

Cost of a new single wide mobile home in NC

Single wide mobile homes are 600 to 1.300 square feet in size. They usually include one or two bedrooms, and the same goes for bathrooms. This is the smallest type of mobile home. They are no more than 90 feet in length and no more than 18 feet in width. This is about half the size of an average traditionally built American family home. An average cost of a new single wide mobile home in NC is around $61,750. This is an average price for a 1,000 square feet home. Which includes land and all necessary site improvements.

Single wide mobile home
Single wide mobile homes are your cheapest option

Double wide mobile homes in NC

Double wide mobile homes are usually somewhere between 2,000 and 2,500 square feet. Same as single wide homes, these are no more than 90 feet in length. But they are at least 20 feet wide. You will usually get two or three bedrooms and two to three bathrooms. Additionally, there will be some added features that you cannot expect to find in single wide mobile homes. Like a separate dining room, for example. Moving companies Fuquay Varina NC report that more and more people are deciding for this type of mobile home. In North Carolina, for an average 2,250 square feet double wide mobile home, you will have to pay around $146,250.

Cost of a triple-wide/multi wide mobile home in NC

The largest option is triple wide or multi wide mobile homes. They can range up to 4,500 square feet in size. They are usually 50 feet in length, and the width depends on the characteristics of the specific home. These homes are much more customizable and are offering much more possibilities that their smaller versions. You will usually find at least three bedrooms and two bathrooms. As there are practically no limits for triple wide home sizes, they can cost somewhere between $150.000 and $300,000.

Mobile home in the dark
Triple wide homes are similar to traditional site-built homes

Before you start looking for movers in North Carolina, you should know that single wide mobile homes have that trailer-like appearance. On the other hand, double and triple wide homes look like standard site-built homes. But one thing is for sure, mobile homes are the most affordable housing solution in NC.