Choosing the best moving company: tips and tricks

A man choosing the best moving company for his office relocation

There is a lot to talk about when it comes to moving. From how to pack certain items to how to plan out the move. However, for people looking to get professional movers to help with their move, one question is above all others. That question is – how do you go about choosing the best moving company? This is without a doubt a very important question. After all the quality of a moving company will have a great impact on how well the move is conducted. Considering that in a relocation most if not all of your belongings are being moved, the skill and know-how of the people that are handling them becomes crucial. With all this in mind, we decided to write this guide and help you choose the best moving company for your move!

When choosing the best moving company for you research is key

When choosing the best moving company to handle your move there is one thing that can’t be left out – research. Understanding what is on offer and what is a reasonable price is important in any kind of a deal. This becomes even more important in moves as people don’t usually move very often. This will mean that their knowledge on this subject will usually be somewhat limited.

Two women talking
When choosing the best moving company for your move, start with the experiences of people you know.

So, let’s explore some ways to look into moving companies:

Internet search

Something that moving professionals like movers Raleigh NC could attest to is just how much the internet has become important in the moving business. After all, with how widespread the internet is, most trustable businesses will have a website. In case of choosing the best moving company for you, these are invaluable. Not only will they provide you with the contact of the moving company, but these websites will also usually feature a different kind of moves the company conducts. This will help you check out any special deals they might have as well as find out which type of move on offer fits your needs the best.

Another thing moving company websites will usually feature is a review page. This too will come in handy when choosing the best moving company for your move. Looking through the reviews you will be able to get a glimpse of other people’s experience with the moving company. Another thing that the reviews page might help you with is checking for fraudulent movers. Moving companies, with overly long elaborate and only positive reviews, using professional language, are probably hiring someone to write the positive reviews. On the other hand, some moving companies will have photo proof of their positive reviews adding to the credibility of the company!

Word of mouth

Word of mouth or recommendations from people is one of the best ways to find out about a moving company. Chances are that if they had a positive experience, so will you. After all, there is a reason why word of mouth is so important in marketing. So, while planning the move you can ask around with your friends or your colleagues that moved recently about their experiences with their moving companies. This will give you an idea on moving companies in the area that you can trust. Of course, you shouldn’t rely on just word of mouth when choosing the best moving company for you, but it’s a start. You can use it to help you narrow down your search and look up the companies that they recommended.

A woman using her computer
The internet offers you great ways to research moving companies!

Checking the moving company out

Another thing you could do to research into the moving company you choose is, simply give them a call or schedule a meet. This will especially come in handy with specific moves like industry or office relocations, where the moving company will need special equipment to handle your move. You can discuss the specifics of the move or give the company a visit to make sure they have the right tools for your relocation. Even if you don’t have a specific move on your hands, you can still give the moving company a call and check if they have the experience needed for your move. Any company avoiding your questions or being shady will signal itself to you to be avoided.

Check for moving estimates when choosing the best moving company for your move

Another important thing to look into when choosing the best moving company for your needs is what kind of moving estimates they offer. Usually, people won’t be very familiar with these. However, moving estimates play a major role in any move, whether if you are moving within the US, like moving to North Carolina for example, or moving abroad. In essence, there are 3 types of moving estimates moving companies will offer:

  • Binding
  • Non-binding
  • Binding-not-to-exceed
A woman giving a thumbs up
A company’s reputation should play a major role in your decision to hire them.

Binding moving estimates are the most straightforward. With these, the moving company provides you with a fixed price depending on the items you will need to be moved. The non-binding estimate means that the price a moving company is offering is just an approximate one. It actually might change depending on the actual weight of your items. This means that your actual moving price can be up to 10% higher than what was originally estimated. Finally, a binding-not-to-exceed estimate means that the movers will give you an estimate on how much your move will cost. If your items end up weighing more, you don’t pay extra and if they end up weighing less than estimated, you will actually pay less. With this in mind, it is obvious that the type of moving estimate on offer will impact your decision when choosing the best moving company for you.

Check the company’s reputation

Finally, another thing that will help you with choosing the best moving company is looking up their reputation. We already mentioned this while talking about user reviews. However, there is a way to check if there were any formal complaints posted against the moving company. The FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) has a web page dedicated to formal customer complaints. These should be considered a major red flag when choosing the best moving company for your move. After all, you wouldn’t want to deal with fraudulent movers.

Choosing the best moving company for your move

As you could see choosing the best moving company for your move isn’t all that simple. However, if you follow through our tips and do your research we are certain you will be just fine. Soon, your belongings will be in the hands of trusted professionals making your move easy and stress-free!