Cheap storage in North Carolina – how to find?

storage in north carolina

Whether you are moving or looking for the best solution to declutter your home, without setting apart from some of your belongings, having some extra space to safely keep your items would be useful. However, when looking for a secure storage space on a budget, the whole process gets a bit more complicated. In order to find the best storage in North Carolina that will also fit your budget, you will need to start your search in advance and according to a pre-prepared plan.

storage in North Carolina
Take some time and find the best storage solution by researching in advance

What is there to know when renting a storage in North Carolina?

One of the most common moving mistake people tend to make when renting a storage unit during a long distance NC move is to start the storage hunt just a few days or a week prior to the move. The lack of time to research and prepare for safely storing your items usually leads to renting an expensive or inadequate storage space. Therefore, if possible, look for the storage solutions as soon as you start planning your move. This way you will have enough time to compare the prices and conditions of various warehouses and decide on the best one.

Here are a few important guidelines to follow prior to renting a storage unit:

  • Assess the type and size of the storage in North Carolina you need to rent.
  • Look for the best location in order to save money and find a safe storage.
  • Search for discounts and compare the prices.
  • Save money on packing supplies.
  • Double check the reputability of the storage units.

What type of a storage do you need?

n order to find the best North Carolina storage facilities, you will need to be sure what you are looking for. The best way to assess the size of a needed storage place is to create a packing list. If you are moving to a new home reevaluate all of the items you want to relocate and store.

By donating or selling the belongings you don’t need or use anymore you can greatly lower the moving and storage expenses. Therefore, make sure you create separate relocation and storage lists.

storage units in nc
Choose a unit that will allow you to access your belongings when needed

Evaluate the overall size of the items to you need to store. People often tend to rent smaller units in order to save money. Even though it can help you cut the cost, having a small unit can turn out not to be the best solution. If you need to be able to reach your moving boxes after the relocation, a cluttered storage unit can be less than practical. Therefore, make sure you create a walking path and keep the stored items easily reachable.

The next important part of learning how to choose a storage facility is to evaluate whether any of your belongings need any special storing conditions. Items like photos, documents, paintings, and artwork can be permanently damaged in a standard storage unit.

Temperature changes and wrong packing supplies can cause surface damages. Therefore, make sure you look for a climate-controlled unit when storing such items.

What is the best location for renting a storage unit?

Choosing the storage unit closest to your home is not necessarily the best and cheapest solution. Do you need to access the unit often? If no, look for the facilities that are located on the city outskirts. Such warehouses tend to have much lower rates.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the fact that renting a storage in North Carolina that doesn’t have a drive-up access can lower the cost. Indoor storage space can, also, mean a more secure unit. Some storage units may not be open 24/7. Pay a close attention to their working hours and whether it affects the price

Compare the prices before renting

Many storage facilities offer discounts if you rent your unit for a longer period of time. Therefore, if you plan on finding a long-term rental storage, pay in advance.

a calculator
Compare the services and costs of various NC storage facilities

Before renting a specific storage in NC, make sure to compare the prices in the area. However, the cheapest solution is not always the best one. Therefore, make sure you compare the quality of services included. Search for the offers of storage services by the best movers in North Carolina. Reputable moving companies, usually have high-quality storage facilities. Also, they will ensure your belongings are safely stored at an affordable rate.

How to save money on packing supplies when renting a storage in NC?

DIY packing for storage can help you save money. In order to pack your boxes like a pro, you will need to gather the packing supplies in advance. Look for free packaging online, using websites like Craiglist, and by visiting local grocery and liquor stores. The small businesses from your neighborhood most likely have a few boxes that are waiting to be recycled. Therefore, ask the shop cashiers to save the boxes in advance.

stack of newspaper
Old magazines and newspapers can be great packing material

Liquor stores are usually a great source of high-quality cardboard boxes. As their packaging needs to protect glass bottles during long transportation, they are usually multi-layered cardboard boxes with compartments. Old suitcases and trunks can also be a great way to store valuable items. Use old newspapers and towels as wrapping supplies in order to cut the storage cost.

Even tough free moving boxes will help your finances, consider investing in a few high-quality moving boxes. Therefore, you will be able to store breakables and antiques, safely and without any damages. Search for used pallets on sale as well. Lifting your a few inches off the ground make be a great protection from any leaks, floods or other damages.

Check the storage facility reputation

Make sure the storage in North Carolina you choose is safe by researching their reputability and safety. Look for online reviews on Yelp and similar rating websites. Read the reviews and make sure you visit the area prior to renting a unit. Talk to the locals as they will be a great source of information on the storage safety and reputation.