Charlotte activities for couples to explore

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After you and your significant other have finally found your perfect home in Charlotte, a time for the move is at hand. Surely enough, your relocation will require little to no effort, as long as you hire a reliable and efficient moving company. And, after the move is complete, you ought to see what the city of Charlotte has to offer. The following text will be comprised of all Charlotte activities for couples that are worthy of your time and attention.

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The city of Charlotte truly has a lot to offer, and we will name just a few of Charlotte activities for couples to explore.

Get your dose of theatre and comedy

Exciting dance performances, theater, touring Broadway plays, dramatic pieces by Opera Carolina, as well as the Charlotte Symphony are all at your disposal once your move to Charlotte. Theaters that we personally suggest are:

  • Booth Playhouse
  • Belk Theater
  • Knight Theater

These are all a part of Blumenthal Performing Arts, and provide a truly perfect setting for any type of production. And, when you get your fair share of drama, head on over to The Comedy Zone Charlotte and AvidXchange Music Factory. There, you and your other half will be able to have some laughs and unwind with quality comedy.

Thought-provoking pieces

Perhaps the two of you crave for Charlotte activities for couples that both entertain and challenge the spectators. Well, these two small theater companies have just what you need. Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte and Queen City Theatre Company never fail to provide bold and innovative shows. If your stay in Charlotte will be that of short nature, because you plan on moving from North Carolina to California, we suggest that you give these places a try and enrich the limited time of your visit.

Satiate your appetite for art and music

If you have moved to some of the affordable neighborhoods in Charlotte, you will be quick to realize how the city has no shortage of arenas. Here, you will be able to enjoy the performances of the hottest national acts. Still, if the two of you love birds are more inclined to a smaller, more intimate settings, there are other options. Venues that offer a more personal experience for music enthusiasts include:

  • Evening Muse
  • Visulite Theatre
  • Neighborhood Theatre

Of course, these are not all the places where the atmosphere you are looking for can be found. Indeed, there are many more. However, these are our personal favorites. Care to know why? Well, stop by and see for yourself. It is, after all, in the feeling. And, if you are a lover of the outdoor concerts, but would like to keep the sense of a smaller scale, try the Uptown Amphitheatre, or the previously mentioned AvidXchange Music Factory.

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Concert and music options are not lacking in Charlotte

Focusing on the visual

A stroll through the Gallery Crawl will prove to be quite marvelous for those who seek to stimulate the senses. Besides the live music on every corner, you will be able to explore the galleries and soak in the atmosphere of Charlotte’s most artsy and eclectic neighborhoods. And, if you so wish to try out your own creativity, Charlotte’s social BYOB painting classes will provide just that. Cajun Canvas, Wine & Design, Painting with a Twist and The Wine Pallete are just some of the more praised ones.

Charlotte activities for couples that also include food

Looking for romantic restaurants?

If this is your first time moving in together, we believe it is a cause for celebration. A romantic dinner will do. However, this will prove to be one of the more difficult choices you will have to make. Date night in Charlotte comes with a vast variety of options, further hardening the process of you choosing just the perfect one. However, we are here to help in your quest. Take your beloved to McNinch House Restaurant for the truly exquisite experience of fine dining, all topped with a royal treatment that is virtually impossible to top. You will enjoy your succulent meal in a charming turn-of-the-century home. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention that McNinch House is regularly voted as Charlotte’s most romantic restaurant. If the two of you are keen on sharing everything, Soul Gastrolounge will serve you their mouthwatering tapas that will linger in your memory for a long time. If soul food is your things, Mert’s Heart and Soul will hit the spot just right.

Are you a hands-on couple?

Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen will prove to be the perfect place for those looking to learn as well as eat. One night will be all it takes for you to master creating your new favorite dish at a cooking class. If you have a sweet tooth, look no further than The Cocoa Lab at the Ritz-Carlton. While the smell of vanilla and sugar carries your nose, you will be able to try your hand at whipping up French macaroons or eclairs for two. Once you get the hand of this craft, you could make your cross country movers Charlotte NC a true treat as a token of gratitude for a job well done.

A couple making a meal together
If you care to try something a tad different, Charlotte will have an answer.

Want something a tad different?

Perhaps you would want the Charlotte activities for couples to focus more on food and drinks. Well, the following places will satisfy this wish:

  1. The Punch Room at the Ritz Carlton draws from the elegance of a 19th-century drinking den. With its intimate spaces, it offers an atmosphere of exclusivity, all the while offering an expertly crafted food and drink menu.
  2. The Cellar at Duckworth’s will take you back to the Prohibition speakeasy era, whilst providing an out-of-this-world cocktail experience. Intimacy and exclusivity are also guaranteed, topped with exquisite meals and beverages.
  3. Amélie’s French Bakery is a café and bakery inspired by the popular movie. It is perfectly designed for those of you who like to enjoy a coffee cup instead of a martini in the after hours. The place is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, and takes up 4 locations in the town of Charlotte. In addition to the original, you can stumble upon it in Uptown, Rock Hill and Pineville.