Changing Locks on a New Home: How to

Changing Locks on a New Home is very important thing to do!

When changing homes, locks are one of those things that you might want to change immediately rather than later. If you are moving to Sanford NC, or anywhere else, you will most likely arrive to find old locks on your new home. And these locks need changing. So, when you are changing locks on a new home you need tools and know-how. While we can’t really provide you with tools, we will definitely give you the know-how. Oh, and we will also let you know which tools you will need, as well. So, let’s start!

Things You’ll Need

You will only need three simple things for this process and they are:

  • New Locks
  • Measuring Tape
  • Screwdriver
Changing logs is an easy task to do! You will need a screwdriver, measuring tape and a new lock!

New locks are really self-explanatory, measuring tape will come in handy if you need to determine how much padding you might require for the new lock. The thing is, sometimes the casing for the lock is a bit different than for the new locks. You might need to either trim your new lock or make some padding so the new one will fit. And you will need a measuring tape for this. Usually, when moving to South Carolina, you will know which locks you have in your new home and can simply buy the same ones. However, if you are unable to do so, then you will improvise.

Obviously, you will need the locks themselves. Other than this all-important piece of hardware, you will need a screwdriver, possibly a few of them of various sizes, just to be safe. You will also need some measuring tape. After you have these items, you can move to the next part. Of course, you will need at least one screwdriver, although you might want to have at least two, of different sizes. Just to cover all the bases, naturally.

Steps For Changing Locks On A New Home!

And here is the know-how to change locks. You need to follow these steps:

  • Remove Old Deadbolt Lock And Hardware
  • Insert Your New Deadbolt
  • Insert Your New Lock
  • Test Your New Lock!

You will start by removing all the screws that are present on the lock. After that, remove the turnplate. Open the door so the side of the lock is visible and remove the screws there, as well. Finally, remove the deadbolt hardware.

After that, you will install the new deadbolt in place of the old one. Make sure that the proper side is up when positioning the deadbolt. Secure it tightly into place.

After you finish with mounting the deadbolt, it is time to insert the lock itself. There will be slots for the key and turning parts of the lock. Simply place everything in its proper place, it will be easily recognizable. Use the screws from the deadbolt kit.

In order to install a new lock, you will have to remove old deadbolt and hardware first!

Reasons To Call Professionals To Change Locks On Your New Home

There are times when it is perfectly acceptable to hire professionals to change the locks for you. These are the prime “suspects” so to speak:

  1. Can’t Do It Yourself
  2. Your House Is Old
  3. If You Want A Master Key System
You can also hire professionals to change the locks for you.

Obviously, if you cannot change the locks yourself, for any reason whatsoever, you will need someone to do it for you. You can also ask friends or family to help you with this, as well. Another situation is when the house is really old. The problem with old houses is that everything is in a somewhat decaying condition. Every bit of unnecessary force can start an “avalanche” of problems. That is why you need someone who does that for a living.

Finally, if you want a master key system in your home you need to contact a professional. These systems are kind of complicated and their installation is definitely not as easy as a regular lock. These things are best left to the professionals. Don’t forget to call your professional mover and schedule an appointment as soon as you can!

In the end

Finally, after the lock is in place, test it! Never assume that just simply because everything went smoothly that everything is working. You need to test the lock yourself. Simply make sure that key is able to lock and unlock and that is it!

Of course, if your locks are really complicated you might need professional help. But more often than not, you will be absolutely fine on your own!