Celebrating Halloween in North Carolina

Time to get some terrifying fun in North Carolina

Gruesome creatures and grisly tales that get chills to the bones, medieval Gothic tales, ghosts, and wraiths. It is time to get your costumes and take your children to iconic trick-or-treating. With the 31st of October edging closer, it is the right time to start planning your Halloween activities. Halloween was originally a Celtic festival until it was Christianized in the 9th century. Today it is one of the most commercial holidays generating revenues of over 9 billion in 2018. If you are not into making a Halloween party with customary ghoulish snacks and drinks but would like to go somewhere outside we have a few cool ideas on our mind. Here we will present you some of the best spots to celebrate Halloween in North Carolina and feel that haunted vibe. So, make yourself some putrid punch and let’s see what Old North State has to offer.

Charlotte has many interesting offers

The largest city in North Carolina is home to many interesting annual events and festivals. Charlotte was the fastest growing city in the United States 2004-2014 and is quickly becoming a major financial center. If you wish to move here on a permanent basis check out cross country movers Charlotte NC to find the best possible deals. Award-winning Greek festival, Carolina Renaissance Festival and many music festivals all take place here.

Go to Charlotte for best Halloween in North Carolina
Charlotte is a rapidly becoming a true metropolis and has many great offers of Halloween celebration

But we are here for some spooks and for that reason Scarowinds is what we are after. The event takes place in the Carowinds amusement park which turns from an amusement park to a place full of frightening rides and monsters. Experience the rides in the dark, find your way through scary mazes and check out haunted houses. If you visit the online shop you can get your tickets in advance for as low as 38$. Marketed as North Carolina’s biggest Halloween event, be sure to check it out.

Other noteworthy events in Charlotte are Halloween party at Howl with drinks, games and costume contest, Geek Gala and Wicked Wednesday party with live DJ.

Celebrate Halloween in North Carolina in Greensboro

The third most populous city of North Carolina offers a wide array of different museums, theaters, and festivals. For those seeking to settle here permanently moving companies Greensboro NC  will provide professional and budget-friendly relocation services. One of the more popular attractions in Greensboro is the Woods of Terror. This theme park opened is 1991 has since become a favorite destination of horror aficionados. Here, you can find a variety of attractions like:

  • Arachnophobia. Snakes, spiders and other venomous creatures that will make your heart stop.
  • Chaos 3D. One of a kind 3D horror experience.
  • Blood House. Like Vampires? This is the place for you
  • Horror Movie Classics. Recognize scenes and characters from your favorite horror flicks
  • The Slaughter House. Explore this place of pain and torment on your own, but be prepared for what lies within.

Get some zombie fun for Halloween in North Carolina

There is something about zombies that fascinates people. Videogames like Resident Evil and The House of the Dead and films 28 Days Later made zombies popular with a wider audience. If you ever wished to test your own zombie apocalypse survival skills, St. Pauls in North Carolina will make that possible. Take a ride through woods and use a paintball gun to shoot down the undead. Your aiming skills must be on the highest level if you wish to escape the awful death. Another event dedicated to walking corpses is the Zombiepalooza in the Cary Theater. Every year organizers play zombie-themed short films on a large outdoor screen. The best part is that this event is completely free. Bring your costume and join the fun. There will be a lot of young people, as Cary has been voted as one of the best cities for young professionals in NC.

Picture of a zombie
For some great zombie-themed fun to Raleigh for an annual zombie walk. Zombiepalooza is Cary is also a great choice

Halloween Fest in Brevard

All the events listed above are not for the fainthearted and therefore for children. So, if you are looking for some more family-oriented Halloween fun, check out Halloween Fest in Brevard. The event takes place during the day and is consisted of many fun activities like Pumpkin Bowl, cookie baking, spooky storytelling, and costume contest and parade. Similar events take place in Blowing Rock and Fayetteville where you can take part in Halloween Half-Marathon. Contenders dress up in all sorts of spooky costumes and run in downtown Fayetteville for 13 miles. People show up in Star Wars, zombie and superhero costumes, so make sure you have one as well.

Picture of pumpkins and candles
If you wish to celebrate Halloween in North Carolina, you will have plenty of options to choose from

Go to Raleigh for some real spooks

The second-largest municipality in North Carolina is known for being one of the first planned cities in the United States. Therefore, it has many authentic bars, eateries and indie coffee shops. It is a great place for young people or weekend getaways if you are into discovering new places. Raleigh is also known for some great Halloween events. Join the 5K race in the city downtown and taste local food and beer with music and dancing. Another similar event is Raleigh Zombie Walk. Hundreds of costumed citizens flock the streets in search of brains. Kooky Spooky Halloween party and Monsters Ball are family-friendly events and if you choose to join the second one, you might get lucky and win a 500$ prize.

As you can see, there is a lot of cool events to celebrate Halloween in North Carolina. Every city has a rich offering of public events or private parties in local bars and clubs. You can join pumpkin carving contests, workshops for kids, or go trick-and-treating. One thing is certain, horror lovers won’t be disappointed. We hope that you will find our research useful and that you will have a great time for Halloween.