Best ways to maintain your NC storage units

Do you plan to downsize? Have your children left for college and now you have extra space you want to renovate? If the answer to both questions is yes then you will have a lot of things to store. The best option is to rent out a storage unit. However, you cannot just put your things in the storage unit and then to forget about them. If you want to maintain your storage unit, you will have to make an effort. For this reason, here are the best ways to maintain your NC storage units. Follow these, and you will have a nice, clean and safe storage unit.

Maintain your NC storage units

Why is it important to maintain your NC storage units? First of all, you will put your belongings inside the storage unit. Unless you want them damaged, you need to keep the storage unit clean and organized. Secondly, if you are renting one out, someday another person will use it as well. It is in your interest to leave storage unit spotless. Additionally, since moving heavy and large things to the storage unit can be difficult, you should get some help. For this reason, you should consider hiring moving companies Morrisville NC. Now onto the best ways to maintain your storage units.

Keep the pests away

Thieves are not your biggest problems as you can keep them out with a good lock and key. However, there are some unwanted guests that can cause huge problems. Spiders, moths, and rats easily find their way in and make themselves at home in your furniture. Do not worry since there is a way to repel them. You need to use dryer sheets. Put them in the corners of your storage units NC, and inside boxes. The dryer sheets will keep the pests away. Additionally, the smell will have your belonging smelling fresh. However, you will need to change the sheets once a month in order to maintain your NC storage units.

Clean your storage unit

It is important to clean your storage unit, especially from dust. Dust is literary everywhere, so it will cover your items in the storage unit as well. It is also proven that dust contains toxic chemicals. Furthermore, some people are allergic to dust, which can cause a problem if they visit storage place. Not only is it annoying to clean it all the time, but it can also cause health problems. Additionally, when you decide to clean, never flip a duster left and right since you will achieve nothing with this. The best option is to collect dust with a rag. You can also cover your face with a mask if the place is too dusty. Regular dusting and cleaning are the best way to maintain your NC storage units.

cleaning to maintain your NC storage units
Clean your storage unit

Use plastic boxes

You should store your item in plastic boxes. If possible, try to elevate them off the ground with a skid or pallet. Why plastic boxes? They are perfect for storing your items as you can seal your things inside. Before you actually use them, make sure that plastic boxes are clean and dry in order to avoid mold and mildew. Furthermore, they are quite easy to clean. You can use a wet rag or a microfiber duster to clean the dust. You should also see what items you cannot store in order to have enough time to find a solution for them as well.

Vacuum seal bags

There is another good way to protect your items. You can use vacuum seal bags. They are perfect for clothes, blankets, bedding, drapes, pillows and other similar things. Vacuum seal bags will keep pests away and save up some space as well. Additionally, you can put several vacuum seal bags in one plastic box, and your items will be perfectly safe inside.

A quality lock

Even though all storage units are locked, you should still invest in a quality lock. This especially applies if you are planning to store valuable items there. It is possible that someone might just try to steal from your storage unit. For this reason, you should be prepared. You can buy disc-locks, as they make a lot of noise if someone tries to break in. It will draw attention, and the thief will probably run away as quickly as possible. A quality lock is a good way to maintain your NC storage units.

lock and key
A good lock for your storage unit


You can protect your storage unit from thieves to some extent. However, something unexpected can occur, like fire, earthquake or floods. For this reason, you should get self-storage insurance. Some people may already have one of these, but some insurance can be limited. Find the one that best suits your needs and your situation.

Protect your items in a storage unit

Now that we covered outside threats, it is time to deal with inside one. As you can see, you cannot just throw your stuff inside, lock it up, and pray for the best. You need to stack them well in order to avoid damaging your items. Use plastic boxes as you can put one on the top of another one thus protecting your items from the accidental fall. If you have something fragile, wrap them in bubble wrap to ensure their safety. Additionally, if you plan to store your fridge or washing machine, make sure to do it properly. It is extremely important to drain your dishwasher and defrost your fridge as water can soak your other items.


Lastly, the organization is important in order to maintain your NC storage units. You can build shelves if they are not already there for easier access. It would be wise to label your boxes in order to find the items more quickly. Additionally, you can make a small aisle and have your items stored in a row. Whatever you choose, just remember to keep it well organized. It is not easy to choose a good storage facility.

Organize your items

Best ways to maintain your NC storage unit

To maintain your storage units you should pay attention to the following points.

  • Organization
  • Protecting your items in a storage unit
  • Insurance
  • A quality lock
  • Vacuum seal bags
  • Plastic boxes
  • Cleaning your storage unit

Follow this, and you will have a good storage unit.