Best storage organization ideas

Storage that utilizes some of our best storage organization ideas

Let’s face it, we could all use some extra storage space. It would make our everyday lives feel a lot lighter and less cluttered. And, with storage Sanford NC you can get what you need for a very affordable price. Still, keeping your storage unit organized might be a bit of a challenge for some. However, with these best storage organization ideas, it will seem as simple as ABC.

Best storage organization ideas:

1. Keep your belongings in plastic bins

While cardboard boxes are completely fine to use in a storage unit, plastic bins have a bit more advantages to them. For one, they make it tremendously easier to keep track of what’s inside your storage unit. This will make locating any item you need much faster and simpler. Plastic bins also come with a sealable lid. This means that you won’t have to cut open the duct tape you use to ensure cardboard boxes are shut. In addition, plastic bins are sturdier and have a stronger structure, providing some extra protection to your goods. Oh, and let’s not forget that they are waterproof.

A girl carrying a carboard box
While cardboard boxes are cheaper, they are easier to damage and harder to see through.

2. Disassemble your furniture and store the items upright

If you want to make the most out of your storage space, and you certainly do, disassemble large furniture pieces prior to placing them in storage. This is truly one of the best storage organization ideas, and we will elaborate on this claim. This is an old trick that movers Garner NC often use. When you take apart headboards, bed frames and mattresses as well as disassemble table legs, what will be left is items that take up a lot less space. When you store these individual pieces in a vertical position towards the back of a storage unit (this does not include mattresses, as they ought to be stored lying flat), you will have an abundance of floor space for other items. Keep in mind that if your dining table does not come apart, you can use it as extra shelving inside the storage unit. Just make sure to cover it with a piece of cloth, in order to protect the surface.

Floating shelves with boxes, books and other items on them.
One of the best storage organization ideas is to be creative with using as much space as you can.

3. Go vertical

You need to look at your storage unit not just as floor space, but as volume potential. Further meaning that it’s not only floors that you can hold your belongings. Going vertical will use the full capacity of the storage unit, and allow you to easily navigate through the room. So, stack your boxes high, and furniture upright. Just make sure that you start with boxes that have the widest base, and are properly structured. You don’t want to risk high towers of boxes collapsing and damaging your stored goods. If you happen to be storing bookcases or anything else with shelving, make sure to use that to your advantage. Regard it as extra storage space, and put your smaller boxes there. You can also add wire shelving or hanging shelves to the storage unit, and keep certain items there. If your storage unit is particularly high, consider keeping a foldable ladder or step stool inside.