Best places to visit in North Carolina

No matter if you just moved or want to visit North Carolina as a tourist, you’ve picked the right place! After those long and exhausting days of packing and moving, or after a long and hard work you’ve done during the year, this is the place where you will really love to stay and/or visit. There are many places to visit in North Carolina. North Carolina is one of the 50 states of the United States of America. Here everyone will find something they like, from the beautiful mountains to the long amazing beaches. The capital city of the North Carolina is Raleigh and the city is well known for its universities. Let us walk you through some of the best places to visit when moving to North Carolina.


The city of Asheville, well known for its vibrant and also artsy community is located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Foothills. If you like to shop or have a nice drink with a friend or even go with a family for a good meal, this is a really good place. Not far away from Ashville is Biltmore Estate, the biggest privately owned house in America. Built-in 1889 and 1895 with a specific and arty look, attracts thousands of tourists during the year.

One of the best places to visit in North Carolina is the Biltmore house. This estate has a long history and is a real sight to behold.
Biltmore Estate is one of the grand sights in Asheville. It is a house with a long and varied history!


Charlotte, also known as Queen City, is the largest city in North Carolina. This is the place for all those who love motorsports the most. Like many other beautiful places to visit in North Carolina, Charlotte has so many nice places you should visit. One of them is Carowinds, the biggest man-made whitewater park. Another place is Discovery Place, a museum of science and technology with an aquarium, a good place to learn and find out new stuff.


Another beautiful city is known for the arts and its residents’ history of creating, that’s why is also called “city of art and innovation”. Visiting this city, you will find a lot of bars and restaurants with good food and music. City gardens and museums are really nice places to see here too. One of the best attractions here is Reynolda House Museum of American Art.

These houses are like a breath of fresh air. North Carolina has them in abundance. It is never boring here!
There are many places in North Carolina with houses like these. They make for quite an interesting visit.

New Bern

Birthplace of Pepsi! For sure a lot of people love the taste of Pepsi and would really like to visit the Pepsis birthplace! But that’s not all! The place where two rivers meet, people can see Tryon Palace, beautiful gardens and also relax in sunny and really nice weather. If you like the forest and spending time outside, just south, you can also enjoy Croatan National Forest. But, there’s something for everyone. If you are not a fan of researching history and spending time in nature, you will find a lot of restaurants and shopping places too.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

This is the most visited national park in the United States. People come to visit and have fun here because the park is located within an easy driving distance from a lot of big cities on the east coast. But, it’s not only the beauty of the park that attracts visitors. Except for the beautiful nature, people can see a lot of wildlife there too. Over 1500 animals live in there, such as black bears, deer, fox and even elk. This is one of the most beautiful places to visit in North Carolina.

Hanging Rock State Park

Hanging Rock State Park is located in the Sauratown Mountains, close to the Winston-Salem. Another good thing about this park is that they offer cabins, tents, and trailers available if you would like to stay there for a bit and enjoy many activities that await you. Hanging Rock State Park also offers visitors 18 miles long trails with different types of difficulties. There’s also a beautiful lake, so if you would like to relax, you can be swimming, fishing or boating.

Bald Head Island

If you like to walk, ride a bike and also enjoy the place that has a bit of a slower pace, this is the right one. However, if you don’t like walking, no problem, you can always use golf carts. To the Bald Head Island, people can only arrive by a ferry from the town of Southport or some private boat. Bald Head Island is the turtle nesting ground too. For those who love turtles, during the summer you can visit the place and see plenty.

Museum of Natural Sciences

If you like the science, this is one of the places to visit in North Carolina. This is the oldest and biggest museum in North Carolina. It is dedicated to the natural history of the state. The museum itself has two big buildings, one part is Nature Research Center and the other is the Nature Exploration Center. You can learn a lot from this museum, it has highly educative exhibits. The centerpiece of this museum is something you can’t find anywhere else. It is a skeleton of Acrocanthosaurus, also known as “Terror of the South”. From the other side, the Nature Research Center focuses more on the exploration of the natural world. Here you can learn a lot about things from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean or even deep space. There are also many more museums you should visit in North Carolina, be sure to check them out!

North Carolina has some of the best museums the country can offer. You can definitely find something that you will enjoy!
Museums offer food for the mind. Make sure you get plenty of nutrition!

Outer Banks

One more of the places to visit in North Carolina is Outer Banks. A lot of history, natural beauty, museums etc. Because of the beach erosion and shore damage, nobody actually can predict the future of this place. That’s why it’s highly recommended to explore and visit that place. Good places to visit there are Frisco Native American Museum, Outer Banks History Center, Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum.

North Carolina Zoo

Here’s the place for all animal lovers. Also, this is the place our kids will always be happy and excited to visit and see. The zoo can help our kids to get to know and see a lot of different types and species of animals. North Carolina Zoo is located in Asheboro with over a five miles paths for walking. Here you can see many species from North America like a grizzly, black bear, elk, bison, wolves, cougars, alligators etc. And of course some of the African species like zebras, giraffes, lions, rhinos, elephants etc.

These are just a few out of the many beautiful places to visit in North Carolina. If you are ready, have time and like to explore, go for it, North Carolina won’t disappoint you for sure. If you are doing a long distance relocation to North Carolina, make sure to choose the right company for it!