Best places to invest in real estate in North Carolina

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Great rate of returns and tax benefits are the main reasons why investing in real estate in North Carolina is an excellent investment option. Whether you are looking to buy a family residence or an investment property deciding on the perfect real estate to invest in will be a major decision. Therefore, prior to such a large purchase, make sure you do a throughout research of the North Carolina area you are interested in investing in.

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Make sure you research and evaluate the real estate market before investing

Buying a property should be a well-evaluated and planned decision. It will also include many additional paperwork and tasks. Even though the whole process may sound exhausting, there is some good news! You don’t have to do it on your own! Hire the pros to help you. Make sure you find reliable allies like a reputable lawyer, real estate agent and a professional moving company. Having experienced professionals like Moving Kings NC to help you will make the whole process stress-free. Therefore, make sure you hire the best in the business and check their reputability before you hire them.

Reasons to invest in real estate in North Carolina

Regular cash flow is the main reason why people decide on investing in real estate rather than in stocks. However, besides the ongoing income on monthly basis, there are many more reasons for investing in real estate in NC. Tax benefits are certainly one of the most important ones. As a rental property owner, you will earn the right to government tax-deductions as well as depreciation.

Real estates are a great investment option due to their value increase. Many people also consider their real estate property as savings accounts. If you are buying a house in North Carolina using a mortgage, the earnings from renting it will actually pay it off.

An important tip for investing in real estates: 

When planning a major purchase like buying a home in North Carolina as a rental property you can protect your personal assets by investing as an LLC. Therefore, you will be able to protect your assets from damages and lawsuits.

 Best places to invest in real estate in North Carolina

Finding the perfect place to buy a real estate in North Carolina is never an easy task. Whether you are looking to purchase the primary family residence or a rental property, the location will be the very first thing to start researching further.

In order to help you make an informed decision while deciding on the perfect place for your investment we have created the list of the best cities to invest in real estate in North Carolina:

  • Durham. – Among the best US cities for the millennials.
  • Charlotte. – One of the best places to invest in real estate in North Carolina.


Due to many employment opportunities, Durham has a high percentage of growth in population. Rated as one of the best cities for millennials in the US, Durham is a popular moving destination for young professionals. Therefore, you may expect to have a great pool of tenants to choose from. Durham, also, has a stable and well-balanced real estate market.

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As many Millenials are moving to Durham, you will be able to choose the tenants for your real estate

The city is a part of the so-called The Research Triangle Park area, which is the home to many major country’s employers’ headquarters. As there are more than 170 companies in the RTP area, young professionals moving to the area are searching for homes near their work. Besides being one of the best cities in North Carolina to get a job, Durham is a popular moving destination for retirees as well. Therefore, choosing the perfect tenants for your real estate in North Carolina won’t be difficult.


Just as Durham, Charlotte is a popular place for the millennials to move to. Therefore, at a first glance, you can conclude that is an excellent location to invest in.

Charlotte is the biggest city in NC. It has reasonable living costs and a thriving job market. Therefore, it is a popular relocation place for many young professionals and families. With so many people moving to the area, your rental property will be off the market in no time!

Charlotte real estate in North Carolina
Charlotte is a great place for investing in real estate

Charlotte is a city with great amenities and amazing outdoors. Therefore, if you are investing in NC real estate in order to purchase a family home, Charlotte might be the perfect place for you. Even though it is an urban metropolitan area, Charlotte is a family-friendly town with highly rated educational institutions.

Buying a family real estate in North Carolina

Are you moving to North Carolina and looking to buy a family home? Start preparing for the relocation in advance. Finding the perfect real estate to invest in while planning a family move can be overwhelming. Therefore, in order to avoid any stress, start preparing for the move ASAP.

You can either hire a reputable moving company to help you or plan a DIY relocation. Whatever you decide on, make sure you create a moving plan. Relocation tasks like finding the best storage space in North Carolina will require planning. Therefore, start preparing in advance, and avoid any troubles by following a few important steps:

  • Hire a professional mover. – Research a few moving companies and hire the most reputable one.
  • Create a moving budget. – Ask for a moving quote and plan further from there. Include all of the move-related expenses to your budget.
  • Prepare a pre-move to do list. – Avoid overlooking any important task by creating a detailed list.
  • Make a packing plan and gather packing supplies in advance. – Pack for the new home, not the current one. Sell and donate the things you don’t need. Buy the packing supplies in advance.
  • Prepare your real estate in North Carolina for the moving day. – Remove any obstacles and clean the house. Make sure the paperwork is done and double check everything with your lawyer.