Best parks in Sanford

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Moving your home to a new city is never an easy process. Besides planning the relocation you will need to find the perfect housing and a neighborhood you like.  After months of planning, preparations, and dealing with additional moving tasks, like searching for the best Sanford storage services, you will finally be able to relax and unpack in your new home, after the move. So what’s next? Getting to know Sanford will help you adjust to the new environment and make you feel at home. The best way to do so is to explore your new neighborhood and go sightseeing. Visit one of the best parks in Sanford to enjoy the nature, hike, run or meet the locals.

a family in one of the best parks in Sanford
The best way to get to know Sanford is to explore its nature

Which are the best parks in Sanford?

Whether you are moving and buying a home in North Carolina or want to visit Sanford for a day, there will be many outdoor activities for you to choose from. Hiking, biking, camping, boating and golfing are just a few of them. In order to get to know the Lee County and explore its surroundings, we recommend you visit one of the best parks in  Sanford:

  • San-Lee Park.
  • Ole Gilliam Mill Park.
  • White Pines Nature Preserve.
  • Depot Park.

San-Lee Park

Just a few miles from downtown of the city of Sanford, San-Lee park offers many outdoor fun activities. Its hiking trails, mountain bike trails, two lakes, campgrounds and picnic areas are great places for a family fun day!

With the 4 miles of hiking trails that go along the lakes, San-Lee park offers the opportunity for both you and your children to enjoy the nature.

The park also offers fun activities for children like paddle boating and fishing. You kids will love joining the boy or girl scouts and camping in the park. Children can, also, get to know the wildlife by visiting the San-Lee Park’s nature center that is dedicated to preserving the wildlife and live specimens that are native in the area.

Father and a daugther by a lake
San-Lee Park has beautiful hiking trails you need to visit

Another great thing about the San-Lee Park is the opportunity for your children to join many activities free of charge. As relocations can turn out to be quite expensive, the parks’ free fishing courses that offer you kids with free fun activities may help your family finances.  So moving on a budget to Sandford, and adjusting to the new city might become much easier for your children.

Ole Gilliam Mill Park

Ole Gilliam Mill Park was built in 1850 and is still open for visitors. Once a year they even bring out all of the old equipment for demonstrations. If you are in history and antiques make sure you visit the Mill Park on the weekend after the Mother’s Day and learn more about the history of the mill and the area.

White Pines Nature Preserve

White Pines Nature Preserve is the best place to experience the diversity of the nature in North Carolina. It is the home to endangered living species and plants. Hiking through this amazing park will allow you to enjoy the amazing scenery.

You can decide to either explore the park on your own or apply for a guided tour.  There are also many educational programs for your children to enroll in and get to know amazing nature, and outdoors, of North Carolina.

Depot Park

This park is a great place to visit for a short break from your sightseeing tour. Located in downtown Sanford, Depot park features Railroad house, historic locomotive, and a museum. Besides the great amenities to visit and learn about the history of Sanford, Depot Park is a great place to visit and enjoy a nice sunny day next to a fountain. If you like the idea of live music during a picnic, make sure you visit the park during the summer. Each week, on Thursday there is a live concert at 7 pm, and whether it is a rock or country music, it is a great place to make friends among the locals.

Temple Theatre – an attraction you need to visit in Sanford!

Even tough Temple Theatre is not a park or an outdoor venue, it is an attraction you shouldn’t miss. The theatre was built in 1925 and features many great live events year round. It is a non-profit local culture venue that you can visit to enjoy various plays and performances.

Moving to Sanford – What is there to know?

Whether you are moving on your own or relocating with a family, you need to ensure that the city you will be living in fits your lifestyle and habits. Therefore make sure you research and get to know Sanford in advance. Here are a few perks of moving to Lee County:

  • A tight-knit community. – Meeting new people won’t be a problem in Sanford. there is a strong small-town vibe and many great places to visit or dine out.
  • Recreational activities. – If you love the outdoors, Sanford will feel like home right away! Best parks in Sanford and a few cultural venues offer many fun ways to explore and learn about the area.
  • The walkability. – The city of Sanford is investing in its infrastructure and is becoming extremely pedestrian friendly.
  • Low property taxes in North Carolina.
  • Employment opportunities in Lee County. -There are many major employers in the area. If you work in healthcare and trades industries, finding a job won’t be a hassle!
family hiking
Moving to Sanford will allow you to have a healthy lifestyle

Moving to Sanford is a great idea for any family! With its amenities and quiet pace of life, the city will allow you to have an outdoorsy and peaceful lifestyle. Moving there won’t be a problem as well. All you have to do is to hire reliable Sanford movers to take care of the relocation for you. Therefore, while your movers deal with the heavy lifting and unpacking, you can focus on planning your new life. Enjoy your new home and explore the best parks in Sanford.