Best North Carolina places for raising your children

A family of three - a mother, a father, and their child.

There’s no need to stress out the fact that the environment where you raise your kids in is extremely important. These formative years will have a great influence on shaping your children’s personality. If something goes wrong, no matter how trivial it appears, your kids may have a hard time dealing with consequential neuroses later on. There’s also the matter of the quality of schools and the crime level which may put your kids in danger. So, choosing the best North Carolina places for raising your children is vital for their present and future well-being. Let’s take a look at some of the best towns for families in NC.


The first among the greatest North Carolina places for raising your children is a town called Garner. This town has everything that any loving parent would want for his/her kids. Some of the best schools in North Carolina, a peaceful vibe, low crime rates – do you need to know anything else before you decide to hire movers Garner NC and relocate there?

A book and a pair of glasses on top of it.
One of the reasons why Garner is among the best North Carolina places for raising a family is because of its great schools.

If you do, don’t worry. Garner’s advantages don’t end there. This town offers plenty of fantastic amenities, while keeping its idyllic small-town feel at the same time. Lots of green spaces where you and your kids can have fun? Check. Plenty of tasteful restaurants, offering a wide variety of different dishes and specializing in different cuisines? Check. Lots of interesting cultural events? Check. There’s even a thriving art scene in Garner. If your children are showing an interest in art, then living in Garner could do wonders for their future career. And if they don’t, they might develop their artistic senses in this beautiful town.


Let us proceed with Sanford. Why is this town among the top North Carolina places for raising your children? Well, for starters, it is extremely peaceful. More so, in fact, than any other place on this list. Beautiful countryside as far as the eye can see. Various animal species, some of them even rare, are ambling about. Birds are humming, occasionally only overshadowed by the gentle sound of the clearest rivers this side of Texas. Serenity and tranquility abound. This scene is truly beautiful.

The beautiful natural wonders of North Carolina.
Natural attractions are exquisite in all of North Carolina, but in Sanford, they shine the brightest!

Perhaps surprisingly, this doesn’t mean that Sanford is cut-off from civilization. On the contrary, everything that a modern person might need exists in Sanford, just like anywhere else. Do you need a great bike for your kid(s)? Or perhaps finely-designed toys of different kinds? If you do – you’ll find them in Sanford. Even the moving companies follow this pattern of excellence. Do you need storage Sanford NC? Or maybe some help with moving your antiques or especially large objects? You’ve asked for it, Sanford delivers!


No list of the best North Carolina places for raising your children would be complete without Cary. Simply put, this town offers a perfect balance of new and old, of modern and traditional. While it is no match for Sanford’s amazing natural beauties (not surprisingly, as not many places in all of the USA are), Cary can definitely hold its ground when it comes to such attractions. Parks and opportunities for recreation and relaxation are manifold.

Schools in Cary are great too. Many of their students later become college graduates, setting them on the road toward becoming top professionals in their line of work. The teachers are excellent. They’re not only very knowledgeable about their subjects, but they’re also great pedagogues. You can be sure that your children will be in safe hands.

The only drawback that we can see is that there aren’t many opportunities in Cary in terms of clubbing and, generally speaking, nightlife. But, this doesn’t really matter when your kids are young. However, when they grow older and, thanks to Cary’s superior education system, enroll at one North Carolina’s excellent colleges, they’ll be able to have fun and enjoy their youth (when they’re not studying, of course). It’s also worth noting that many students who relocate to some other state to study are moving to NC after college. They’re flocking back to Cary! And understandably so.

Carolina Shores

The next place on our list is Carolina Shores. This town is actually great for people of all ages. It is great for kids, it is great for middle-aged people, and it is among the best places to retire in NC. Why do people love Carolina Shores so much? There are many reasons, but the most obvious one is already hinted at by the very name of this town. Namely, Myrtle Beach and Sunset Beach are very, very near. With a minimal amount of effort, you’ll find yourself on one of their many idyllic beaches. They’re clean, well-kept, and very fun!

Myrtle Beach, one of the towns who's proximity to Carolina Shores are making this town one of the greatest North Carolina places for raising a family.
Myrtle Beach is so close to Carolina Shores that you’d practically be living there as well if you decide to move to Carolina Shores!

Of course, an easy access to amazing beaches wouldn’t amount to much if the rest of the town was not up to standard. Luckily, Carolina Shores is even better than that! It practically goes without saying that the schools are very good and the crime rate is low. But, this town also features plenty of amazing restaurants and diners. While the chefs in Carolina Shores are not nearly as famous as the chefs in, for example, New York or Los Angeles, we can bet that plenty of their traditional dishes are just as tasty!

If you’re currently living in a place where the climate is colder, you may face some difficulties after moving to a warmer climate, such as the one in Carolina Shores. Of course, this climate is perfect for spending time on its many exquisite beaches, but it may take some getting used to.

Final thoughts

So, there you have it. Four best North Carolina places for raising your children. Any of these places will certainly turn out great for you and your family. Still, you can also expand your search. There are other such places in NC that we didn’t have enough space to mention. Just be careful; this choice is not to be taken lightly.