Best housewarming party ideas

One of the good housewarming party ideas

Moving to a new home is an exciting period in everyone’s life. And for many people, showing a new house after moving to Charlotte NC to their friends and family is the most memorable moment of all. Naturally, everyone likes to show off, at least a little bit. So, if you would like to make an impressive home presentation in front of your friends and family, think about throwing a housewarming party. Of course, there are many housewarming party ideas on the internet that you could use. Add a little something of your own to the mix and make a unique housewarming party that everyone will remember.

Plan your party before you call you guests

Throwing a housewarming party requires time and planning. After the move, you will be in mess for at least a month. So, you shouldn’t rush with throwing a party. Moving companies Holly Springs NC are working fast. And your stuff will be delivered to your home in the shortest time possible. But, that is not an issue. You will need time to unpack everything, buy new furniture, carpets, and all other stuff. Maybe you will do some remodeling to your new home. And that all takes a lot of time to finish. Therefore, it is perfectly fine if you do it a few months after the move. After all, you need to prepare your house for a presentation and you want it to be top-notch when your guests arrive. So, take your time to plan and prepare.

Making a guest list before searching for housewarming party ideas
Before searching for housewarming party ideas make a guest list

Who is coming to your party?

The most important part of throwing a housewarming party is to decide on the number of guests. After you are clear with the number of people who would attend your party, you can decide what kind of party would be most suitable to organize. Of course, it also depends on the characteristics of your new property. If you have a big backyard, you could throw a barbecue party. Or a poolside party if you are lucky enough to have a pool. If you want to call only your closest friends and family to your housewarming party, maybe dinner would be suitable. So, before you start thinking about the type of party you would like to organize, make a list of invitees.

Here is the list of best housewarming party ideas

  • A dinner party is one of the housewarming party ideas suitable for smaller, more intimate groups.
  • A cocktail party is great for any number of people, and you could organize it at any time of the day.
  • A barbecue party is a great idea if you have a backyard.
  • A pool party is maybe the best way to impress everyone. If only you had a pool.

Best housewarming party ideas – A dinner party

If you plan to call only your closest friends and family to your housewarming party, maybe you would like to impress everyone with your culinary skills, too. These types of parties are more intimate and therefore, you should call only people you are closest with. If your culinary skills are not something that you are proud of, you can always order Chinese food or something that you all like. The most important here is that you will have enough time to chat with everyone. And to show your new home to everyone in person.

Cocktail party as one of the best housewarming party ideas
Organize a cocktail party

Best housewarming party ideas – A cocktail party

Cocktail parties are easier to organize and are suitable for any number of people. Just make sure that you have all the necessary equipment for making cocktails. And enough drinks, of course.  You could organize it at any time of the day. You could even do it in the morning. Prepare a good playlist, but watch out if the music is too loud in inappropriate time of the day. You don’t want to upset your new neighbors, especially if they are not invited to your party. If your piano movers NC managed to move your piano in one piece, you could even have a small personal concert. But don’t do it if you didn’t have time to properly tune your piano after the move. After all, your guests didn’t come for the torture, but to relax and have fun.

Best housewarming party ideas – A barbecue party

If you have a yard big enough to host a barbecue party, then you should definitely consider organizing one. Everyone likes barbecue so that is a plus. In addition, your home would be safe from crowd accidental spills and damage and would serve only for presentation. Make sure you get enough meat and beer, call your neighbors to join and have a great afternoon in your new backyard. Search for some new recipe ideas, as the internet is full of them right now. And impress your friends with your barbecue skills.

Balloons in a pool
Host a pool party if you have a pool

Best housewarming party ideas – A Pool Party

If you are one of the lucky new owners of a house with a pool, then there is no better way to impress everyone, than throwing a poolside housewarming party. You can also include a barbecue in this situation, as that is the best way to have fresh food prepared in no time. The most important part of organizing a poolside party is to watch out for the kids if there are any. Kids are vulnerable in these types of situations where there is a big crowd of people and an open pool.  Make sure that everyone is watching their own kids. Or you could put someone in charge to watch over the pool.

Take time to prepare your new home

As you can see there are many great housewarming ideas that you could use to celebrate your new beginning. But remember not to rush with organizing a party. Take time after your local movers North Carolina deliver your belongings. Prepare your new home to be perfect before you show it to your friends. Then you can organize a memorable housewarming party that everyone will talk about for years.