Best cities in North Carolina to get a job

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Career opportunities are one of the most common reasons for moving. In the modern era, people are constantly looking for the ways to improve their lifestyle, knowledge, and skills. More than often taking the next big step in your career will require you to change the zip code. Therefore, the fact that more than 40 million Americans relocate each year doesn’t come as surprise. Many of them choose to continue their professional growth by moving to NC. Even though it is true that NC has a great job market and many employment possibilities, you will need to pay a close attention when choosing the location for your move. Let’s take a look at the best cities in North Carolina to get a job.

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NC has a great job market that will allow you to improve your professional skills and live in a diverse and vibrant community

Do you know about The Research Triangle Park?

Did you know that North Carolina is the home to the largest research park in the World? The RTP is one of the best high-tech research parks in the United States. Let’s take a look at the reasons why RTP made the top of our list: 

  • The Triangle is made by 3 cities – Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill.
  • It is the home to more than 170 companies.
  • The high quality of life is one of the main reasons for Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill to be known as one of the best cities in North Carolina to get a job and move to.
  • The eco-friendly environment. – Bring your bicycle and ride it to work alongside your colleagues.

As being home to almost 200 companies, the RTP has a great job market. It is clearly visible in the region’s unemployment rate of 4.4%. There is a constant economic, income and growth in the area. For an opportunity to live close to the triangle, many young professionals are, therefore, looking into relocating home to North Carolina. Moving to the research triangle park area will most definitely be the right decisions. However, make sure you get to know all of the 3 cities before deciding on packing your moving boxes.

Raleigh, NC

Raleigh, the state’s capital, is only 20 miles away from the business triangle area. Even though it is further away from the RTP than Durham or Chapell City, the 20 miles distance won’t take much commute time.

The skyline of Raleigh, one of the best cities in North Carolina to get a job
Live in an eco-friendly city with many great job opportunities

Raleigh is considered to be of the of the environmentally cleanest cities in the United States. Also, the city itself is walkable and has a great greenway system. Therefore, if you care about the pollution, moving to Raleigh NC will allow you to commute by bicycle or on foot. Besides great job opportunities, Raleigh has many more perks to it. It is the home to some of the nations best higher education institutions. North Carolina University, as well as many great colleges, are located in the NC capital.

There is always something to do in Raleigh, one of the best cities in North Carolina to get a job. Whether you would like to visit some of the best museums or theaters in the US or spend the afternoon by having fun outdoor, Raleigh will be able to deliver! Shopping centers, cafes, restaurant, golf courses… Your weekend will never be boring after moving to Raleigh.

Durham – One of the best cities in North Carolina to get a job

Downtown Durham is located just 10 miles away from the RTP. Therefore, commuting to work will be quick and easy. In addition to living close to your work, there are many more reasons for moving to Durham.  The city is proudly the home to some of the best US schools like Duke University. As the city of students and young professionals, Durham has a unique vibe and culture. Local live music venues, restaurant, and bars are the places to see and be seen. It is a diverse place where you will be able to feel welcome and meet new people.

Affordable housing is yet another reason for many people to move to Durham. There are many beautiful parks to visit for outdoor exercising or enjoying the nature. Just as Raleigh, Durham is an eco-friendly environment, Therefore, don’t forget to bring your bicycle and walking shoes when moving to the area!

Chapel Hill, NC

Chapell Hill residents have the average commuting time to work, of only 19 minutes. Saving time in transportation will allow you to more enjoy your free time and get to know the RTP area.  Also, Chapel Hill has a higher median household income than its neighboring cities. Its residents earn up to $10,000 more annually that the people living in Raleigh or Durham.

people cycling after moving to Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill- a small city with great amenities and amazing outdoors

Even though it is the smallest city in the RTP area Chapell Hill offers many great attractions. It is well known for its great restaurants and museums. In conclusion, Chapel Hill is the perfect place for anyone who is looking to live in a smaller city that offers many great job opportunities and an active and fun lifestyle. 

Relocation tips for moving North Carolina

Moving, to one of the best cities in North Carolina to get a job, will be a huge change to your family life and routine. As there will be many things to focus on and plan, the best way to avoid any moving stress is to hire reputable movers. Professional moving and storage companies in North Carolina offer a variety of relocation services that can help you move quickly and safely. Make sure you choose the best one by checking their reputability and credentials in advance. Start planning your move a few months ahead. Therefore you will have enough time to plan the move, compare moving quotes and fulfill all of the pre-move tasks. Stay organized by creating a detailed moving plan and make sure you follow each step.