7 Pro Tips for How to Protect Your Move

Are you wondering how to protect your move? Get additional insurance.

Most of us know that the moving process takes time and gives us a lot of stress. However, with the movers Garner NC assistance, our move can also be a pleasant experience. But, movers can’t take care of everything! Therefore, we are here with a useful guide to help you figure out how to protect your move in the best possible way! So, let’s begin!

How to protect your move – 7 useful tips!

In order to protect your move, you should follow these 7 useful tips:

  • Choose A Reliable And Professional Mover
  • How To Protect Your Move – Be Present
  • Get Additional Moving Insurance
  • Take Photos and Videos Of Your Items Before the Move
  • How To Protect Your Move – Red Flags!
  • Pack Your Belongings Carefully
  • Transport Valuables On Your Own
Let the professionals take care of your relocation.

Choose a reliable and professional mover

Every professional mover has years of experience in the moving industry and a license! They also have a lot of moving services such as local and long-distance relocations, storage solutions, packing services and so on. In order to choose a good and reliable mover, you should visit mover’s website and read the reviews!

How to protect your move – Be present

Whether you are preparing for a long-distance move, moving locally or moving from California to North Carolina, you should always be present during the moving day! Even if you fully trust your mover, you should still be there to tell them where and how to pack things.

Get additional moving insurance

Every professional moving company has basic moving insurance included in their services. However, if you want to protect your move more and on top of everything, you have a lot of valuable items, you should consider getting additional moving insurance.

Take photos and videos of your items before the move

If some of your items disappear, suffer damage or get destroyed during the transport, pictures, and videos can serve as proof against the moving company. They will have to refund, pay the fee for repairs or buy a new item that got lost, suffered damage or got completely destroyed.

How to protect your move – Red flags!

If you are hiring a moving company, you should watch out for these red flags. If the mover:

  • Demands cash upfront
  • Make you sign a blank document
  • Reject an onsite inspection
  • Don’t provide a written estimate
  • Claims everything is covered by their insurance, etc.
If a mover demands cash in advance, turn away and find another mover.

Pack your belongings carefully

Want to protect your move? Pack everything strategically and carefully!  In order to do so, you will need proper moving boxes and packing supplies. You can also find free cardboard boxes in the stores around you. They might even have some spare packing supplies too!

Transport valuables on your own

Another good way to protect your move is to transport valuables on your own. Pack all important documents, jewelry, money, passport, important papers in one box and place it inside of your car. Don’t risk, protect these valuable items!