7 creative gift ideas for new homeowners

A girl handing over a gift

Being a new homeowner is one of the most exciting situations that one can be in. Usually, unless you have just inherited a fortune, this is a consequence of hard work paying off after a long while. You may be entirely happy with your new home or you may not be. It’s entirely unimportant in the sense that we want to talk to you about. What we want to talk about is the achievement that you can make happen only once in your life. After all, you do not become a new homeowner every day, every month or every year. So, once one moves into his or her’s new, first, home, the rest of us should look into the creative gift ideas for new homeowners to make the move in an even more celebratory occasion. Bear with us and discover the best gift ideas for new homeowners.

Jar with a cocktail and a straw
Straws are great. Metal straws are cool.

What are the best gift ideas for new homeowners

Coming up with gift ideas for new homeowners may not be that easy a thing to do. After all, you would want to escape the traditional presents that are pretty dull. I mean, how excited have you been about aunt Sally coming to your birthday when you were teen? This is the feeling that we want to avoid. Moving from long island to North Carolina is a special occasion and we should make sure to treat it this way.

Therefore, the following are just some of the creative gift ideas for new homeowners:

Buy them something that they have mentioned that they might need in their new home

  • Metal straws
  • Glassware
  • Plants
  • A small electrical appliance
  • Artwork
  • A cookbook
  • Treat them to a massage in their own home

No time to waste, but let’s get down to business!

Metal straws

The first thing on our list are metal straws.

They represent an unusual present that few new homeowners would expect to receive. Still, in the case that your friends are into cocktail nights, metal straws are something that will make their cocktails stand out. And trust us, they will be the ones that they will be going for any time straws are needed.


Glassware may sound pretty traditional, but it does not have to be so. Basically, all that you need to do in order to make your gift unique is to look for unusual shape and the looks in general of the glassware that you are thinking about buying.

Another reason why glassware may be the right choice for your gift is how easy it breaks. Should your friend stumble upon uncareful movers Pittsboro NC, their glassware may not arrive in one piece into their new home. Therefore, you should make sure to take this option into serious consideration as one of the great gift ideas for new homeowners.


Buying a pet to anyone is not a good idea. Pets require attention and time. Plants, on the other hand, are pretty low maintenance. 

Plants are great gift ideas for new homeowners
Let your friends grow together with the plants that you gifted them

You could bring a special plant to your friend’s housewarming party. Let him or her grow together with the plant. As time goes by they will be able to compare their own personal growth to the growth of the plant. Therefore, bringing in another live being into someone else’s home after they have just completed a military move may not be such a bad idea after all.

A small electrical appliance as nice gift ideas for new homeowners

This can be seen as traditional too. Still, once again, it depends on what you choose to bring.

In the case that you decide to go with something useful, a small electrical appliance can prove to be one of the best gift ideas for new homeowners. Be it a coffee maker, a blender or something a little more extraordinary, you will probably not make any mistakes whatever you choose. Still, make sure not to bring something too big. You would not want to put your friends in a position of having to rent storage space after having received too many too large gifts. 


One of the topics that we cannot avoid bringing up is buying artwork as a housewarming gift. 

This is a legitimate option that you do not need to run away from. Still, make sure to know what kind of art your friends like. And avoid buying too large sculptures for the reasons we stated in the previous paragraph.

A cookbook

This is a classic. First time moving in on your own? Everyone needs to have a cookbook. 

The good thing about them is the fact that there are so many of them to choose from. Therefore, hardly will anyone of us receive two identical ones. So, if you want to help your friends improve in the kitchen duties, a cookbook is the gift to buy.

Treat your friends to a massage in their own home

Treat your friends to a massage in their new home

Material items are great presents for any occasion. Treat your friends to an experience of a lifetime and you will have brought them a gift that they will never forget. A massage in their own new home is something just like that.

Gift ideas for new homeowners – the conclusion

There are many options that you can choose from when you need to come up with gift ideas for new homeowners. Still, the choice is not going to be that difficult. All that you need to do is look into your heart and think about what your new homeowner friends would be delighted with.