5 things to know about moving containers

A truck that is carrying container as one of the things to know about moving containers

Everyone knows how hard it is to move. That is why people are constantly trying to invent new solutions that will somehow ease this difficult process. Of course, it is easy to hire full service moving companies Garner NC. You can just sit and watch how your home is being packed and moved to another location. But sometimes you just do not have the funds to pay for a full service. In that case, moving can become a terrifying ordeal. Luckily, there are things that will greatly ease your suffering. If you are trying to move on a budget, and you want to somehow make it easier on yourself, renting a moving container could be a great solution. If you never heard about it, and you do not know how it all works, here are the 5 things to know about moving containers.

Loading and unloading will be much easier. That is one of the first things to know about moving containers

There are many ways to move. Hiring movers Morrisville NC is the thing that most people think about in that situation. However, moving companies could offer you many different moving packages. You could just pay for their transportation service. Or you could hire them for packing, unpacking, disassembling furniture, lifting heavy objects, and much more.

A truck carrying container
One of the things to know about moving containers is that the truck will deliver it to your doorstep

One of the things that some moving companies charge separately is loading and unloading of the moving truck. Of course, lifting dozens of boxes and pieces of furniture into the back of a truck is hard work. And if you ever tried to do it on your own you know that it is true.

How moving containers make loading easier

One of the things to know about moving containers is when they are delivered to your home; they will be placed on the ground. That means that there is no need to lift anything. You just walk right in. Also, the moving container will be there for as much as you want. So there is no race against time like you would have with conventional moving. You can slowly take your time, and load it at your own pace. Much easier loading may be the thing that will push you to think about this way of moving.

Portable containers are a cost-effective moving solution

Renting a moving container is considered a costs effective moving solution. This might sound strange at first. But when you rent a moving container, you do not have to pay for the moving crew. As loading and unloading will be much easier, you and your friends or family members can easily do it. As mentioned above, it is leveled to the ground and you do not have to rush.

After you finish loading it, call your cross country movers Greensboro. The truck will come to pick it up, lift it and deliver it to your new home where you and your helpers can slowly unload it. Of course, if think that you will have trouble with loading and unloading, especially if you do not have someone to help you, you can pay the moving company to do it for you.

You can rent a portable moving container and use it as a personal storage solution

One of the things to know about moving containers is that they can serve as a storage solution. Sure, renting a public storage North Carolina is the best way to keep your excess belongings. However, some people have items that they cannot keep in their home but they need constant access to them. Obviously, it is easy to do it when the storage facility is just around the corner.

moving container illustration
You can rent it as a storage solution, they come in different sizes

But what to do if there aren’t any decent storage facilities for miles away? On the other hand, you might be renovating your home or just a part of it. Where will you store your stuff while construction workers and painters are storming through the house? Of course, the answer is in portable moving containers.

You can rent a moving container and leave it as a personal storage solution for as much as you like. Naturally, you will have to have a yard big enough to nest it. But if you have that option, you should definitely consider it. Here are the available sizes:

  • 7 – Foot portable moving container. Dimensions are 7’x7’x8’, 385 cubic feet volume
  • 12 – Foot portable moving container. Dimensions are 12’x8’x8′, 689 cubic feet volume
  • 16 – Foot portable moving container. Dimensions are 16’x8’x8, 857 cubic feet volume

Great safety is also one of the advantages of portable moving containers

One of the things that worries people the most during a move is security. If you didn’t spend time researching moving companies before you hired one, you might be in big trouble. Moving is a lucrative business and moving companies spring like mushrooms. However many of the disappear as quickly as they’ve appeared. That means that there is a great possibility that you will end up with one of those companies. Especially if you do not do your research well.

Key and a padlock
no one else can open the container, you are the only one with the key

That means that your stuff will be at a mercy of unreliable and very often fraudulent moving crew. On the other hand, when you rent a portable moving container, you are the only one who has the key. No one can temper with your stuff while they are out of your sight.

They are the best solution when it comes to overseas relocations

When you are moving overseas, your items will suffer. If you are moving to South Carolina from Europe, for example, a truck needs to come to your home, pick up your things and deliver them to the airport or a seaport where they will be unloaded and loaded into a plane or a ship. Then, after they arrive in a new country, your items will be unloaded from a plane or a ship, loaded once more to a truck and then, finally unloaded at your new home.

Surely, you can agree that this sounds scary. Items that are loaded and loaded so many times during one trip will be in great danger of being damaged. One of the things to know about moving containers is that they will be loaded and unloaded once. This is by far the best option for overseas relocations.