5 must-have packing supplies to help you move with ease

a kid with moving boxes

Packing is, without a doubt, one of the toughest, longest, and most exhausting processes during any move. This is because it takes time to actually go through all your stuff and pick up what you will pack and what stays behind. Then, you need to figure out how and where you are going to pack your items. After that, you need to look into the packing supplies you have and need. Finally, there comes the packing, which in itself will take time because you need to do it carefully and thoroughly. This is why so many people ask moving companies Garner NC for help! However, if you decide to pack yourself, then you will need only the best supplies to protect your items! In this article, we offer you a look at 5 must-have packing supplies to help you move with ease!

What are the five must-have packing supplies to help you move?

  1. Moving boxes are always number one of the list. You cannot have a proper move without them!
  2. The tape is important because it will help you secure your boxes – and your items inside them.
  3. Sharpies and labels can be a surprising addition on any list of must-have packing supplies, but they are a necessity!
  4. Protective packing supplies are a must whether you are packing for a move or for storage units Sanford NC!
  5. Having a checklist will also help you a lot!

    A man carrying boxes
    Think about the weight of each box.

Boxes of all shapes and sizes!

You cannot have a proper moving experience without getting various moving boxes! They are an essential part of any move, and probably the first thing anyone thinks about when you mention moving! It is only natural – cardboard boxes are cheap yet effective, you can get them in any size (and even shape), and they can be eco-friendly! Even better, there are multiple ways in which you can get them for free! Since moving can be quite an expensive endeavor, this comes as a refreshing change!

However, there is a thing to remember before you start going out and getting the biggest boxes you can possibly find. Not everything can go in every box! Even though they are versatile and one of the must-have packing supplies, you still need to have some control over the whole process. There is a clear rule that can guide you when thinking about moving boxes. You will want to pack and sort the items based on their weight. The heaviest items will go into the smallest boxes, while the extra-large boxes are reserved for sheets and similar light items. The reasons are obvious enough – think how tough it will be to lift a large box filled with books. Everything else will go inside the medium boxes.

Another thing to remember is not to overstuff your boxes. You will want to stack them inside the moving truck, and this can be impossible if they lose their shape. Finally, it’s a smart idea to check for specialty boxes for some items. Liquor stores have boxes with dividers, which can be perfect for your glassware, for example.

A high-quality tape is one of the must-have packing supplies

People often forget just how important packing tape is. You can get all the boxes you want, but if you do not have the proper means to secure them, your whole packing process is worthless. This is why you need the shipping tape of good quality to seal the boxes. Then, you will need some masking tape to label the boxes, and finally some duct tape to close heavy boxes.

tape is one of the must-have packing supplies
Make sure you have enough packing tape.

Of course, these can be interchangeable, but you will need at least two rolls of each. This way, you are sure not to run out of tape while packing. If it happens, you will need to run to the store or call packing services for help. You should also add some scissors and box cutters into the mix, just to be sure.

Don’t forget to label everything

Another thing that people tend to forget when running around and packing their homes are labels. These may seem insignificant enough for that, but are actually quite useful! That is why we are putting them on the list of must-have packing supplies! But what do we mean by a label? Well, it can be anything – from the tape you put on the box to the sharpies you use to write on them.

Professional movers often use stickers or color systems in order to differentiate between the boxes and the rooms they are taking them too. There are even more sophisticated systems you can use – but a good sharpie on a box is something that you can’t go without! And why is this so important? Well, once you start unpacking and knowing exactly what’s in each box – you will realize it yourself!

Padding materials are must-have packing supplies!

Of course, one of the most popular packing supplies is padding materials. This is what people usually spend the most money on. However, they are very, very useful. These are the supplies that will keep your fragile items in one piece – and any other items without damages! The good thing is that there are so many things you can use!

crumpled paper and boxes
Get creative with the padding.

Make your pick from the bubble pack or packing paper in any store! If you want to go more DIY, then get some newsprint and recycle it into padding! You can even use clothes, towels and similar items! Think outside of the box and protect your items when you move!

Moving checklist

Finally, you cannot have a successful move without a moving checklist. It might be odd, but we are putting it among the must-have packing supplies nevertheless. You just need to write everything down! From what you are packing to what materials you are using – put everything on paper so you won’t forget anything. Only that way can you have a stress-free and even an enjoyable move!