4 Steps to Safely Moving a Fish Tank

Tips for safely moving a fish tank.

Having a fish tank is great. Moving a fish tank? Not so much. If your idea is safely moving a fish tank then you have some work to do ahead. Obviously, the best thing would be to enlist help from one of the moving companies Garner NC, for your Garner move. However, if you want to do it by yourself then you will need to go through several steps. You will be doing some collecting, preparing, packing and moving, as well as unpacking and assembling. We will walk you through that process. So, let’s start with:

Tips for safely moving a fish tank

Obviously, not the exhaustive list but still a good one:

  • Collect all necessary packing supplies in advance
  • Prepare fish tank for relocation
  • Pack, safely move a fish tank and load everything up
  • Unpack and put everything back together
fish tank
First of all – Collect necessary supplies for packing and moving your fish tank!

Collect all necessary supplies in advance

You will need quite a few items before you can safely move your tank. The most important ones are containers for your fish. These are usually buckets or plastic bags, depending on the type of fish in your tank. Then you will also need buckets for any plants that are in the tank. They require submersion in water to stay fresh.

Other than that, you will need packing tape, fishnet, a siphon hose, and assorted packing supplies. If you have anything else that you need to transport, such as decorations or similar, you need to account for that, as well.

Prepare fish tank for relocation

After acquiring all the necessary supplies, it is time to actually prepare your fish tank. It is not the easiest of the processes so make sure that you are well-rested and focused. A lot of things can go wrong. After your fishes and plants are safely set in their traveling places, you need to siphon out the water from the tank and carefully wipe everything. If you have pebbles or sand, place that into another container.

Make sure to keep the filter damp but wipe and dry everything else, including the tank. The best thing to do is to label everything that concerns the fish tank. This means decorations, any supplies and equipment and so on. Again, if you are unsure about this, it may be best to entrust this process to movers Morrisville NC, if you are moving into or out from Morrisville, that is. Some of the fish tanks are quite expensive and you don’t really want to take any chances.

If you have a huge fish tank, you will definitely need some to prepare and move it.

Pack, safely move a fish tank and load everything up

When it comes to packing, slow is better. The tank is really fragile, requiring careful handling. The best thing to do is to take extreme precautions when packing it. Take as much time as necessary to ensure that everything is as it should be.

Unpack and put everything back together

After you transport your fish tank, you will need to unpack and assemble it again. The same mantra as with packing “slow is better” applies here, as well. Assembling the fish tank follows the same mantra, too. Make sure you are not rushing anything and you should do well.